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Sat Jan 4 to Fri. Jan 10- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I worked, but it was not a bad day. Bob did some stuff around the motor home. We went to dinner at Gordon Biersch. Here we all are:


Left to right, Charlie, Ray, MaryAnne, Bob, Me, Paula. We had a great time visiting with our friends!

Sunday-  back to work again. I was dreading Sunday, as the past two have been so frantically busy, but it was just a super busy day. Those I can handle.

Monday- Busy at work. I had changed times with Heidi, since she had a late doctor’s appt. I worked 9 to 5:30. I do not like that shift. I am too much of a morning person! So we had a really quiet evening at home.

Tuesday-  Bob went with  me to play Mahjongg. MaryAnne and I were afraid we would be the only ones there. Gillian ( from Vancouver) also came and played so we had a nice time with the four of us.

When we arrived, there were people in card room 2, where we play. It was a financial seminar. So we went to card room 1, which is usually used during the day by folks who bring their computers to the building for the WiFi. Only 2 folks there, but they were not happy we were in ‘their’ room. So after the game, we went to the desk to speak with Gail, the head of Activities. Evidently, they had over booked, and it is going to happen again next week. Oh well!

We went grocery shopping, then took a quick nap. At 4:30 we went to the 13th Street Happy Hour. MaryAnne and Ray were supposed to be there but did not show up, so we sat with other folks, getting to know some other people.

We returned home, fed the dogs, and watched TV.

Wednesday- Another busy day. I had a card making class from 10-12, we ate a quick lunch, then I was back to Mahjongg from 1-3. We ran to Walmart afterwards, ate dinner and watched TV.

Thursday and Friday- Back to work. Bob has been diligently working on ‘stuff’. He’s had a guy come and put in a new electrical socket for our second freezer and the generator guy come to do the generator maintenance. 

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  1. What happened to your blog, did it end with a commercial. Never see one of your blogs like this?

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