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Sat. Dec. 21 to Fri. Dec. 27- Sun City AZ.

Saturday- A steadily busy day at work. Two of the Physicians Assistants left for new positions, so the Doctor who is the head Gatekeeper for the Observation unit is working this weekend. He is really getting to see how busy the weekends are!

Sunday- This was possibly the busiest day I have ever had in Hospital Case Management, ever! I had 5 I sent to Skilled Nursing Centers, obtained two walkers, sent Home Health to two, had to deal with one homeless person, sent one to Acute Rehab, and did some other discharges. I did not get off work until 5:30. Poor Bob was outside waiting for me. It was a very long day. I came home and collapsed into the recliner. At least I had a CMA to build the referrals for me!

Monday– It was another busy day, but Heidi was there to help today. So that they would not have to pay me overtime for yesterday, they sent me home early! I was not happy about that, since I felt like I deserved the overtime pay!

Also, five of the nurses and one of the Case Managers, were having problems associated with the Target credit card/ check card mess. So I texted Bob to let him know and to cancel his debit card. We had been keeping a close watch on our accounts, as Bob had bought a new mouse the day after Thanksgiving at Target.

I decided I wanted a Margarita, so we called MaryAnne and Ray. They picked us up and off we went to Macayo’s for dinner. I decided not to have the “Prickly Pear”, instead, I had the winter special, the White Cranberry. I liked the Prickly Pear better!

Tuesday-  My day off. We had a late start to the day, as I woke up at 3:30. I got up and did some reading, then went back to bed, and fell back to sleep. We ate breakfast at 9, which is very late for us!

I made the dessert for tomorrow night, then we ran to Michaels and the library. We could not believe the shopping center was not busy! So different from the east coast! There is a lot of shopping in this area, but even with that, I could have expected the shopping center to be mobbed on Christmas Eve!

From there, we headed over towards Scottsdale. We met up with Glenda and  her Bob at Mimi’s Café in a large shopping mall just off of I-10. This mall was busier, but still not like the east coast malls!

I used to eat lunch with Glenda at West Hills Hospital when I worked there earlier in the year. This was an opportunity for the two “Bobs” to meet. Since we have so much in common, we had a great time. They are also RV’ers and square dancers! Plus both Bob’s are retired from the federal government, so the guys had a good time talking. We hope to meet up with them again in the future, as Glenda will be retiring in March. They will be heading out on the road in the spring. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of them or to ask the waitress to take a picture of the four of us!

We ran into Barnes and Noble, where I bought the next book in a series that I follow. Then we ran back to the motor home. We arrived back at about 4:30, ate dinner ,and picked up MaryAnne and Ray. We cruised the area, looking at the Christmas Lights.

Phoenix is not like the east coast. They really , REALLY, get carried away with the Christmas lights. A few weeks ago, in the newspaper, there had been a two page spread of addresses, where there were spectacular light displays in peoples yards. So we put some addresses into the GPS and off we went!

Christmas lighter, Peoria

Christmas lighter, Peoria

The picture above, does not show well. The lights were synchronized to music. We tuned the car to a radio station, and the lights flashed to the music. In the window, in the picture below, you can see Santa Clause moving around putting out the gifts.

Christmas lighter, Peoria

Christmas lighter, Peoria

Note above, the cones in the street. There was also a security guard walking around.

Christmas lighter, Peoria

Christmas lighter, Peoria

Christmas lighter, Peoria

The last two pictures were of a house that was not on the list in the newspaper, but it was up the street from friends of MaryAnne. They just do these lights every year. It is too bad, that the pictures do not capture the colors or the movements of the various displays!

Wednesday- Merry Christmas! We started with a nice breakfast. We have stopped buying each other small gifts and instead, we give ourselves one large one. This year it is the new radio for the motor home.

Unfortunately, it had not arrived. Last Friday, UPS had sent Bob an email that the package had been delivered, and was sitting on our doorstep. Nope! So Bob has been trying to track it down.

When packages are delivered to the park, UPS comes directly to the site. Bob had put the full address on the package, but the company who shipped the radio had left off the site address. So the UPS guy went to the office and they sent him to the wrong site. Since the office was closed last weekend, Bob went Monday morning to the office to check to see if the package was there. They do not accept packages. So he went to the mail room. They ‘frigidly” told him that they do not accept packages. So Bob went back to the office and checked to see if there was another “ Gray” in the park. Yes, there are owners of a park model by the name of Gray, but they are not here yet. So Bob had been dealing with UPS, who stated that they would get back to him in 48 hours. That would be Christmas afternoon. Huh! We knew that meant, at the earliest, Thursday.

Around 10 AM, a golf cart stopped in front of the motor home and a gentleman knocked on the door! He asked if we were the Robert Gray’s. I asked him if he had our radio? Bob had checked at the other Gray’s park model ( sited 1515) and the package was not there. Instead, it was actually delivered to site 1715. The owners names were Robert and the Wife’  first name is Gray, different last name. So it had sat for a couple of days on their doorstep. The neighbor had called them and they were not expecting a package, so he went in the search for the correct Grays’ and delivered it to us. It will be interesting to see if UPS ever gets in touch!

Thursday and Friday- Back to work. Bob started on putting the radio into the dashboard. Since the previous radio was a 2004, the new one does not fit into the same spot. It is smaller, so he has to craft a new design.

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