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Sat. Nov. 23 to Fri Nov. 29- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I worked alone and it was a very nice, quiet day.  In only had to call Sharon with one question about a discharge. We had a quiet evening at home.

Sunday-  Much busier at work with some frustrations. Heidi worked today so that she can have a four day weekend next weekend, so it should have been a nicer day. But towards the afternoon I had to obtain oxygen for a patient. I could not get the order into the computer. I became really frustrated and called Heidi for assistance. She told me how to do it, and I was doing it right, but I still could not get it to go through. So she said she would do it.

I also had a patient who could not tell me where he came from and no family answering the phone, so I tried to search for further information. At least he was not going home today.

We went to Black Angus for dinner with MaryAnne/Ray and Charlie/Paula. We had a coupon for 6 people. for $17.99 we could each have a lobster tail, four fried shrimp, and a sirloin steak. This came with your choice of two sides and molasses bread. A really great deal. We ate the lobster and shrimp, and asked for the sirloin to be cooked rare, so that we could take it home to re-heat and cook it to medium.

Yesterday had been Paula’s birthday, so we had told the waitress. She had the staff come over and sing Happy Birthday and to deliver a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. It was the size of a plate, so we all shared some. Yum.

Paula Gray's birthday

Monday-  Right after morning huddle I checked on the issues from yesterday. Heidi was not able to get the oxygen ordered either. So she had ‘tasked’ it to the ER CM, who also could not get it ordered. Glad it was not just me!

I worked on finding the one patients home. I was finally able to speak with a grandson, who did not know the phone number of the Assisted Living, but could at least give me the name of the place. Unfortunately, it was not in the database, not on the state license database, not listed on the internet, and the 911 folks had the address but not the phone number. I tried Google’ing the address, but could not find it that way either!  I finally found, in old  medical records, a referral to a Urologist, so I called that office and they gave me the phone number. They also told me he had had a Home Health Agency, so I confirmed the number with them, but they did not currently have the patient as an active patient.  So being a CM is part detective work!

I started working on the oxygen problem again. One of the other CM’s, Joanne had stopped by, and she and I were able to work it out. I had to go into the doctor’s order area, and we looked for a home O2 order. Not there, so we had to create one. Then we finally got it done.

Heidi asked me to send an email to the bosses, which I did, and they all realized that there had been a change to the Cerner program that no one had bothered to tell us about, so they are going to schedule an in-service.

Tuesday-  a quieter day. Just routinely busy.  The hospital cafeteria bakes cakes and pies for the holidays, so I picked up a pumpkin pie for MaryAnne and Ray and a cherry one for us.

Bob went to Astronomy Club with MaryAnne. Bob has always had an interest in astronomy, so he found this interesting. The speaker was a guy who owns an observatory. Bob enjoyed the outing and plans to go again.

Wednesday-  I had chosen to work six days, and have Wed and Thanksgiving off. so I have off today. I worked on another article while Bob did some laundry and did some tasks around the motor home.  I went to the chiropractor this morning, then Bob and I went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a salad place in anticipation of all the food we will be eating this week. .

We returned and Bob took a nap while I went to Mahjongg. We went to dinner at Macayos. We had eaten in a Macayos in Casa Grande in April and really liked it. It was the five of us again, Charlie/Paula, MaryAnne, Bob and I. Ray had a physical therapy appt. this evening in Scotsdale.

We had a great dinner and I had another of their awesome Prickly Pear Margaritas. Yum!

We returned home and I made the Chocolate Éclair Dessert for the pot luck dinner tomorrow evening.

Thursday- We woke up late and had a nice breakfast. I worked on three articles and sent them to my editor, so that was four in two days.

Bob had purchased a Thanksgiving dinner for two at Bash’s grocery store, so he went to pick up our order. Not bad for $19.99. A fully cooked turkey dinner, all we had to do was heat it up. We had some of it for lunch.

After lunch we went into a ‘turkey coma’ and both took a two hour nap. I really needed this! At 4:30, we headed over to the ballroom for the Thanksgiving pot luck. This was different, but it worked. You sign up for a table and list what you are going to bring. Then there are two tables perpendicular to another table ,where you put the food. Then everyone at your table eats there fill and when all the tables have eaten, then you can go graze the left overs at the other tables. It worked very well, as MaryAnne had kept a close eye on our table list and kept us rounded out. We took the cranberry sauce from our lunch meal to the pot luck in addition to the Chocolate Éclair Dessert.. Bob had gone to Fry’s, which is part of the Kroger group and bought us some of our very favorite cranberry sauce. We had found this cranberry sauce at City Market in Breckenridge and we could not find it last year, so finding it this year was a treat!

Thanksgiving Pot Luck 2013

Thanksgiving Pot Luck 2013- Bob and MaryAnne

Note Bob and MaryAnne above and on the far end below. .

Thanksgiving Pot Luck 2013

Thanksgiving Pot Luck 2013

We hung out talking to people and meeting all the folks at our table and at Paula and Charlie’s table. They signed up late so they did not make it to our table.

Friday- Off to work…. it was a very decent day. We returned home and have leftovers for dinner.

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