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Sat. Nov. 16 to Fri. Nov. 22 2013- Sun City AZ

Saturday, Sunday and Monday- I worked and Bob worked around the motor home.

Tuesday- I was off, so I went to Water Aerobics at 8:30, I ran back to the motor home, took a quick shower and headed back over to the Activity Center for  Mahjongg from 10 to 12. I had a devil of a time getting my Mahjongg set on the rack on the back of my bike, so Bob looked at the problem and we decided that some longer bungee cords were in order!

We went to lunch at Cheese Heads, a local, and very good, pizza place. From there we went to Joanne’s and Target. We returned home and I was going to scrapbooking, but there was no one there!

At 4, we went to the 13th Street pot luck. MaryAnne and Ray live on 13th street. Our street, 21st street, is very transient, so we are not meeting folks. MaryAnne invited us to go to their pot luck. There were about 40 people there. After the fist time, we are no longer guests!

Wednesday- My second day off. I got up early and worked on updating one article. I was going to go to water aerobics, but the weather was not cooperating. It was cold and cloudy in the morning. Cold is relative, as it was in the low 50’s.

Around 8:30 ,we left for Costco. Unfortunately, they do no open to 10 AM. We went to Walmart instead. We returned to the motor home, put away the groceries, and we went to my Chiropractor appt. After the appointment, we had lunch at Paradise Café and Bakery. The restaurant is very similar to Panera, only better!

We returned to the park and I went to Mahjongg at 1 PM.  We played from 1-3. When I returned to the motor home, Paula and Charlie Gray ( no relation) were parked next to us. We had met them at the Alfa National Rally, last April, when gosh, they were parked next to us! MaryAnne had let the park know that we were all friends, so when they arrived, the park was going to place them near MaryAnne and Ray. But since, they have cats, the park moved them to the pet section, next to us instead.

We all met for dinner at the Ballroom for the spaghetti dinner ( Bob had checked with the cook last week to make sure that he could have the sauce). We sat talking and catching up until about 7 PM.

Thursday- I was out the door by 6:15, heading into Phoenix for the Allscripts training class. I stated work on the 21st of October, and I am finally getting into the Allscripts class. I have been using it for quiet awhile! Oh well…

Friday- it started raining. What a mess! Rain in Phoenix is like snow in the DC area. It is crazy. People can’t pick up their family member from the hospital because it is raining! The weather personalities cover the rain storm like a snow storm! People go outside and take pictures of the rain! People drove like idiots! We did not check at the grocery store to see if they wiped out all the toilet paper, bread and milk, but I will bet they did!

It was also a crazy day at work with Polly, Heidi and I all trying to get the discharges done.

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