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Sat. Oct. 5 to Oct. 11- Westminster CO

Saturday- More of just doing things to get ready to move. We moved my work clothes to the motor home, so my closet it overflowing. We ate all our meals at home. Our new glasses were ready so we went to pick them up.

Sunday- The weather has improved, with less humidity and it became warm, in the 70’s, and sunny. It is wash the carpet day! So after paying bills and updating the budget, Bob went to Walmart to rent a Rug Doctor. What a mess that turned out to be! The one he brought home was fairly new, but it was missing a part. So it did not work. After talking to Rug Doctor, he went back and got another machine. Finally, after 11 AM, he got started with cleaning the ceiling. We ate lunch, and then he did the floors. Meanwhile, I had done more cleaning and moving furniture. Bob was exhausted by the time he finished, so he took a nap.

It is the bi-week, so no Redskin game this week.

Monday- I went early to my Chiropractor appt. Bob left at 10:45 to go to his Dermatology appt.  He went in for the ‘K-mart Blue Light Special!’ Last spring the Doc had frozen 30 spots on his head, so they are doing this special light treatment. He came home miserable. The treatment was a total of 1.5 hours. First, they put on a cream and let it soak in. Then they did the light. Bob said that the first 5 minutes or so was okay, but after that it felt awful. He came home, took some Tylenol and put ice on his face. He has to stay out of any light for the next 48  hours.

While he was gone I had spoken with the Nursing Agency and they have a travel position in Roswell NM. Last week I had submitted an application to Banner Health Care. They own 26 hospitals in the western states. They have their own Travel Nurse Agency and a staffing agency. So I also had a telephone interview with their Nurse Recruiter. I had to get some info. to her and then she would put my resume up on their internal website.

Since Bob could not go outside, I am walking the dogs and doing the errands. We decided we were not interested in the Roswell job. Not enough to do in the area.

Tuesday- We had our Endocrinology appts. scheduled for this morning. So we wrapped Bob up in a towel, and off we went.


Not much fun, but you do what you have to do. We got a lot of funny looks from the other people in the office.

After the appts., we returned to the motor home. We of course have all the shades down, so the dogs slept the whole time we were gone.

After lunch, we went to our Primary Care Physician. I had my Shingles vaccination, Flu vaccination and a Pneumonia update. I had gone in first, and when I was finished, I had just sat down in the waiting room, when my phone rang. Kyle had put my resume up on the website and within 30 minutes I had my first phone call, The gal was from Del Webb Hospital in Sun City AZ, which is in the Phoenix area, where I had asked for. We spoke and things went well.  The position is on an Observation Unit. Observation means that you are not admitted to the hospital. You do not know the difference, but under Medicare, the hospital gets paid a set fee. It is good for the hospital and the insurance, but bad for the patient, as medications are not covered. There is nothing you can do about it. The hospital wants the patient discharged as fast as possible. If not, there are financial implications.

We returned home. I had been having a lot of trouble with my new glasses. Last evening when watching TV I realized that the TV was blurry. I moved the glasses down on my nose and I could see perfectly. So I went back to Vision Works. They re-did the exam and the Ophthalmologist told me that the problem was the cataract in my right eye. Huh? I have a cataract. Would have been nice if she had told me that! It is not bad yet and I knew it was coming. So they sent my glasses back to move the line for distance down a bit. Hopefully, they will come in before we leave on Saturday.

I returned to the motor home and we searched for an RV park in Sun City. We found an Encore Park. Thousand Trails is part of Encore, so we have a three month discount price. Friends Maryann and Ray stay in Phoenix. So I emailed Maryann to ask her is she knew anything about this park. She called me to let me know that this is the park that they stay in.

Again, we stayed in, as Bob continues to have to stay out of the sun. away from windows, and is not supposed to even work on the computer.

Wednesday- Bob had his Ophthalmologist appt. at 9:00 and then his Cardiologist appt. at noon. So I drove the masked man to his appointments. We were able to tell the Cardiologist that Bob has not had any known A-Fib episodes since he started the new medication in May!

Between all of this, Banner called and said that they had a second job offer. It was in downtown Phoenix in the largest hospital in the system. I told the gal, Margaret, the Director of the Travel, that I was interested in the Del Webb position. She said that she had not heard anything about that so she would check on  the position. A little later I had the info, via email,  for both the jobs. I chose the Del Webb position. I sent them more information and received the offer letter. They do not do a contract until the background check is completed.

So we set up the 3 month contract, twice, at the Encore Park, Paradise RV Park in Sun City, AZ, in northwest Phoenix area. Bob also submitted a resume to Workamp at the park.

I went to the Chirpractor at 2:30 PM. At 2PM, Bob could now go out in light!

We at dinner in and stayed in this evening

Thursday- Our Dental appts. were scheduled for today. I have had a tooth bothering me since June, on the left upper side. I have been careful to chew on the right side, as I did not want an issue in Canada. The filling has a pocket, so it has to be replaced.  We are doing that tomorrow.

We took the dogs to a new groomer. Last spring, we had used the groomer at the Vets, and had a really bad experience. We did not want to take the dogs back there. So I had made an appt. several weeks ago

After dropped off the dogs, we went to lunch at an Italian Buffet called Cinzettis. We are not big on buffets, but we decided to give this a try. As we walked in, the smell was awesome! As the host went to seat us, there were all colors of bell peppers on display. We asked him if they put bell pepper in the sauces. He said he would check. Pretty soon, Mike, the chef showed up. He took us on a tour of the buffet. There were four different areas. He does not use bell pepper in the sauces and he showed us which items had bell pepper. I wish all restaurants would do this!

We had a terrific lunch, $9.50 each. This was not your Mac n’ Cheese buffet. The food was delicious! You could special order Mac n’ Cheese if you wanted it, which we didn’t ! This was a place we will go again!

We returned to the motor home as I had to work on paperwork. Piles and piles of paperwork for the travel case manager job.

At 2:00, we left to go for my haircut. Lorraine, the gal who does my hair in Denver, had changed shops, so we had to hunt for the new shop. She had given me directions, but it was an interesting drive. Anyway, we saw more of Denver area than we have seen before!

We picked up the dogs, and they were not traumatized this time. We decided to go to the German Restaurant again for dinner. It was cold and rainy at this point.

We had a nice dinner, ran to Costco for a couple of items, returned to the motor home, and I kept trying to do the background check online information. What a pain! It turned out that you only had 20 minutes or it cut you off. It said that it would save the info, but it did not. I never got it completed.

Friday- I had my final Chiropractor appt. at 9:00. Bob went with me. On the way back we stopped at the storage unit and took items out that we want to take with us to AZ. We stopped by Goodwill and dropped off donations.

We ate an early lunch and Bob dropped me off at the Dentist for the filling replacement. Meanwhile, he went by the doctors office to pick up a lab slip and some prescriptions. He has some tests that he is going to have completed in AZ.

He picked me back up and I returned to try to do the background check info. I barely got through it this time, but, I made it in the 20 minutes. I also received more paperwork to print and sign. Whew, a lot of repetition. I also have my appointment with Occupational Health scheduled for the 16th and the appt. at the staffing office for the 18th. I start orientation on the 21st. The contract is for 13 weeks.

I had spoken with the Encore folks, and we are set up with our site at the RV park. In addition, they have escalated Bob’s resume for consideration for a job. We think they are waiting until we get there to interview him.

Vision Works called and my glasses were ready. We ran back over to the store. They still did not feel right, but the manager changed the nose pieces and that seemed to do the trick. I can see again!

We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. It was prime rib night and the line was out the door. We ended up sitting with Ernie and Rellene. They are leaving on Monday, and may not be back any time soon. They are building a house in Fruitia, near Grand Junction, so Ernie is not planning to return to be the camp host next year.

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