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Wednesday, September 11 ,2013- Birch Bay to Mt. Vernon WA

We took our time getting ready to leave this morning as it is only going to take us 45 minutes to drive to our next location. When we woke up this morning we immediately noticed a change in the weather. It was still warm, mid-60 ‘s, when we woke up, but definitely increased humidity. You could see the humidity just hanging in the air!

We left at just before 10 AM, driving south on I-5 to Mt. Vernon. We stopped at a Pilot for diesel ($4.09/gal) two exits south on the interstate. It was a nice drive.

We left I-5 at exit 236 and drove just 0.4 mile off the interstate. Google maps and the GPS both said to turn left on Darrk( spelled correctly) Lane. We did and it took us right into the Sakagit Casino parking lot. Or so we thought. There were no Thousand Trails signs. Nothing on the interstate at the exit and nothing at the road to turn left. The signs for the casino said that the RV parking was in a different direction. There was a road at the end of the parking lot which said no thru street. With the large motor home and the car attached, we did not want to go down a dead end street. So we pulled into the large, empty area of the casino to disconnect the car, so I could run around looking for the park.

We hopped out of the motor home. While I was getting ready to move the car, I could see a security guard, on his way to us. I met him half way and explained to him that we were not staying, just disconnecting the car. I asked him where the TT was and he said right down that road. I pointed out to him that there were no signs. He looked at me like I was crazy. Later, we looked again, and there are NO SIGNS!

Anyway, we checked in at the TT and went in search of a site. This TT has a lot more trees than the last one so we had to look for a site where we could get satellite. We found site 47, which had a clear view from the picnic table to the aerial satellite.

We set up camp. It was time for lunch and we pulled out the bread and it was bright green. Oh well, had to go out to lunch. Before we left, I had seen on the park map an ad for a detailing service. So we called and left a voice mail message that we wanted the motor home detailed.  We drove farther south on I-5 to Burlington/Mt. Vernon. The first exit had a Bobs Burgers and Brews. We had seen several of these restaurants and thought we would give it a try. Sounds like a fast food restaurant, but it is not. It is a nice regular sit down restaurant with waitresses. Evidently a very popular place with seniors! Bob ordered a burger with fries, which he said favorably compared with In and Out burger in So. California! That is a real compliment!! Plus Bob said they had really good French fries. I had the 1/2 sandwich with JoJo’s. I had to ask the waitress what a JoJo was. It is thick cut potatoes, basically large cut fries. They were just okay.

We continued south through Burlington, stopping at the Post Office to mail out our payments. We went to Walmart and picked up prescriptions for Bob, plus some bread!

On the way back, we stopped at a large produce stand that we had been to when we were in this area in 2011. We bought tomatoes and cantaloupe.

We returned to the TT and Bob set up the satellite. We sat outside reading our books. The guy from the mobile detailing service returned our call and we have an appointment for 3:30 tomorrow. We checked with the resort and were approved to have the detailing service come into the park to do the service.

We grilled some of the halibut for dinner, read our books and watched Roxie go nuts about rabbits. She is our little hunter, and she had spotted rabbits in the park, so she is in hunting mode. An evil rabbit decided to munch away, about a foot and a half in front of Roxie. Roxie of course was on a tie-out. Good thing or we might never have seen her again! She must have growled at the rabbit because it suddenly took off.

Eventually we went into the motor home and watched another episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”. This episode was about Trisha Yearwood whose ancestor came over to America as an indentured servant who went on to be a big land owner.

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