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Tuesday, September 10, 2013- Birch Bay WA

We could not get satellite in the bedroom this morning, so Bob started working on that issue. He had bought a new cord yesterday at Walmart, so he connected it and we now have TV in the bedroom. While he was doing that, I paid bills. Mainly doctor co-pays. It would be a lot easier if the doctors would accept the co-pays at the time of the visits! They would also get paid sooner, as it takes awhile for us to receive the bills! The other major item was my California Nursing License. They bill yearly instead of every other year as other states do. Which is actually a good thing as the license is $250, much more expensive than my South Dakota license. We debated on whether I should renew the license, but eventually decided that I would go ahead, as we are not sure where we are going to end up this winter.

I worked on cleaning more of the drawers. We read, played on the internet, played computer games, and basically hung  out enjoying the beautiful weather. Al Roker had said on the Today Show this morning that Seattle was going to be 90 degrees. We had bright blue skies w/o clouds and 72 degrees, moderate humidity. We even hung the laundry outside to dry. Before we left Maryland, Bob had made a laundry rack which hangs on the back of the motor home. We don’t use it very often, as many of the campgrounds do not allow you to hang laundry outside.

After lunch we went back to the produce stand and bought 6 more ears of corn. The corn last evening was delicious! We sat outside reading and grilled dinner.

When it finally cooled off enough we were getting cold, we came inside and watched TV. We were delighted to find that “Who Do You Think You Are?” is still producing new shows for The Learning Channel. Last night we watched Jim Parsons. His 6th grandfather was an architect for King Louis the 15th in France before the French Revolution. He had a couple of guys over for lunch at his home, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams! We enjoy this genealogy show. 

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