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Thursday, September 12, 2013- Mt. Vernon WA

We woke up to high 60’s and less humidity again. We made a lot of phone calls. Bob called the company about the new freezer, which we need to send back to the factory for repair/replacement. I needed to speak with the window shade repair people and the nursing agency. I keep getting phone calls and emails for a new rep. at the travel nursing agency. I contacted my usual rep and she is working on getting this all straightened out. We had to review my information to make sure that everything is up to date. So far there are no jobs available yet in southern Arizona. We also made doctor appointments and  vet/ grooming appointments for the dogs.

Around 10:30 we ran south to Mt. Vernon to Sears to return a Lands End top and we had to drop off the freezer to have it boxed and sent.

We returned to the motor home and prepared for the folks to come and detail the outside of the motor home. They arrived promptly and did a great job cleaning. The company was Brothers Wash and Detail. It was an Hispanic husband, wife and daughter. The brother was to move with them from Las Vegas to start the business but he never arrived, so the rest of the family pitch in. They were done by 6 PM. They even did the awnings, so we had to leave them out to dry.

We grilled chicken for dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

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