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Sunday, September 8, 2013- Kamloops to Birch Bay WA

We drove out of the RV park at about 9:00. We drove east to the Flying J where we purchased about 100 L of diesel. Fuel is about a dollar a gallon less expensive in Washington state than in BC, so we only bought enough to get us somewhere less expensive.

The roads were more crowded the farther south we drove. The road was actually the BC version of an interstate, with actual exits. We stopped at the Merrick Visitor Center for a potty break. They really need to increase the size of the parking lot. It was extremely busy, as there was no other place to stop.

We stopped for lunch at the first rest area we came to at around 11:30. We ate lunch and continued on our way. We arrived at customs and cruised right through. When we stopped the guy asked us where we had been, how long, and did we have any fruits. Bob told him what we had and since we had no citrus, we were on our way.

We continued south to the Birch Bay Thousand Trails. We checked in and found a nice spot. Then discovered that we could not get satellite TV, so we moved to another site. We could not get it there either, but we were too tired to mess with it.

We settled in and Bob went to the store. He returned with a pizza, which was pretty good. We watched some over the air, Canadian TV, as we are so close to Vancouver and not close enough to receive Seattle TV.

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