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Monday, September 9, 2013- Birch Bay WA

It is my 60th birthday! 60 isn’t old for a tree! LOL!! Bob bought me flowers and the NFL package on Direct TV ( yes I wanted it, as I figure it is less expensive money wise and calorie wise, than going to a sports bar to watch the Redskin games). I also bought myself a book. I rarely buy books because I can exchange books at the RV parks,so it was a treat.

Bob messed with the satellite some more ( before he bought the NFL package).  He still could not get the satellite to work. He spoke with Direct TV twice, and they said it was either in the motor home or that our rooftop satellite could not see the sky satellite. So we moved the motor home a few sites down. While Bob was setting up some of the outside items, one of the TT workers drove by checking to make sure that no one who was not supposed to be here was parked here. He said that they never have complaints about satellite in this area of the park. So Bob finally gave up and put out the portable satellite. That immediately worked, so now we know it Is the roof satellite. Obviously we are going to have to get that fixed somewhere.

Bob tried to purchase the NFL package via the satellite, but that did not work. So he finally called Direct again, which turned out to be a good thing as they gave us a reduced price for the package!

Meanwhile, I worked on cleaning a few more drawers. Alaska was dusty! I would dust in the morning and by the evening everything was covered with dust again. So we are cleaning the motor home, inside and out! I am starting with drawers then going to the cabinets, as they are going to be harder to do. A little everyday!

We left around 11 and went south 18 miles to Bellingham, the closest large town. We stopped at the Adult Lounge to exchange books. We emptied our bag and refilled it. I did not bother to count the number.

On the way out of Birch Bay we stopped at a produce stand. We bought two ears of corn to see how they were.  We went straight to the Post Office to pick up our very large box of mail. We had purchased some long sleeve shirts from Lands End, as both of us needed some long sleeved shirts. Bob especially,since he has been on the blood thinner he gets cold easily.

We went to lunch at Mi Mexican, an okay Mexican restaurant. We then went to Walmart and Fred Meyers for groceries. We also stopped at Trader Joe’s for my Miscato. They have changed the label/name on the bottle, so it took us awhile to find what we were looking for! It is not $2 buck Chuck brand (which of course is now $3 buck Chuck). It is a different TJ brand. We stopped at KFC and picked up some chicken for dinner. and the Baskin Robbins next door to Freddies. They had my favorite ice cream flavor, German Chocolate Cake, wahoo! We returned to the motor home to watch the Redskin game, which started at 4 PM Pacific time.

Now my birthday would have been perfect IF the Redskins had won, but at least they came back in the second half! Dinner was some leftovers with the KFC during half time, and of course, the corn. After the game with caught up on some TV shows and went to bed.

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