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Tuesday, September 3, 2013- Prince George BC

We worked on chores. Bob called to make set up a visit by a glass repair guy and I scheduled a Chiropractor appointment. I left at 10, to go for the appointment while Bob waited for the glass guy.

I returned from the appointment and the glass guy arrived to repair the ding in the windshield. The repair only took about 20 minutes. We left and went to Boston Pizza for lunch. We like this Canadian restaurant chain.

After lunch, we went to the BC Liquor store and Bob bought a 12 pack of Rickards Tasters, which included three pale ale, three red ales, three blonds and three dark ales. He has to drink at least six of them over the next seven days, before we cross back into the US.

We stopped at a regular grocery store, Save on Food. We do not have one of their savings cards, so I asked for one and the gal just did a tourist discount. Interesting… so we save a little money.

We returned to the motor home and Bob took a nap. I sat out in the recliner, reading and just enjoying the beautiful day. It was 70’s, and no humidity! Awesome!!

We rec’d a text from Wayne. They were arriving today, but staying in a different campground. We are going to meet them for lunch tomorrow.

We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner, sat out reading until we became cold, and came in to read and watch TV before bed.

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