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Tuesday, August 27, 2013- Stewart to Kitwanga BC

We woke up to temp of 56, cold, rainy, foggy. Typical Stewart weather. We were grateful for yesterday’s just cloudy day with no rain, although it did start raining at about 9PM last evening.

We left the RV park around 9AM. We were leaving around 8:30, but we had a problem with the lights on the CRV. The right turn signal/brake light did not work and Bob had to fiddle with it.

Just outside of Stewart, we had to stop for a bridge re-construction. It was pretty muddy and bumpy going that short distance, but then we were on our way. The drive was nice, with the fog eventually clearing. We were glad we had gotten pictures of Bear Glacier on our way into town, as we would not have been able to get pictures on the way out of town.

The drive out to the Cassiar Hwy. goes through 54 avalanche zones, in 40 miles. Guess you could just say the whole road is an avalanche zone! One sign even said that the area is an avalanche zone all year long.

We reached the Cassiar Hwy. and continued south. The road surface was excellent, w/o any frost heaves or pot holes. Mileposts said that in one area we should watch for brown bears grazing on the side of the road. I wish someone would tell the animals where they are supposed to be, as there were no bears there. We have found that the animals are not usually where we are told they are going to be!

Hwy. 37, the Cassiar Hwy., as this point, is a major BC highway. With that said, it has a one land, wooden surface bridge!

One lane wooden bridge on Hwy 37, BC

We stopped in Gitanyow to look at the totem poles. We were able to watch some of the First Nations people carving a new totem. The museum was closed so we took pictures and continued on our was to Kitwanga. We stopped in at Cassiar RV Park to spend the night, having traveled just 148 miles.


First Nation members craving a totem in Gitayow BC

Totems in Gitanyow BC

When we arrived at the RV park, there was a sign saying just go ahead and park, they would be back at 4 PM. Sure enough, around 4 PM, the husband drove by and told us they were back. I walked over to pay the gal, $30 with tax, for 30 amp FHU, no internet or cable TV.

The weather cleared  a little bit, and we sat out talking with our beer and wine. About 5, it started to rain again, so we went in. After dinner, we went over to Margie and Wayne’s. We returned to the motor home and watched Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence. The movie was okay, but is sure was not ET!

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