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Thursday, August 29, 2013 Prince Rupert BC

We went downtown to check out Prince Rupert. Our fist stop was at the Visitor Center to check on local attractions and to get a list of restaurants. I also wanted to find a chiropractor as I was really hurting. The weather was cool and rainy.

We found a chiropractor, and we called to make an appointment. We wandered downtown. Prince Rupert is a cute town. It has two main streets, Second Street and Third Street. We stopped in at the Walmart, not much there. This is downtown Prince Rupert. It has a real old downtown feel.

Downtown Prince Rupert

We went to Cow Bay. Cow Bay is a small area on the north side of town. The cow theme really goes over in the town. According to legend, some cows were brought in the dock and then disappeared. so the town was renamed Cow Town.

Cow Bay

We wandered through the cute shops then ate lunch at Smiles, a nice little café. We each had shrimp sandwiches. I had a salad and Bob had french fries, which he said were really good.

Mural, Prince Rupert

Howling wolf mural, Prince Rupert

Mural, Prince Rupert

Totem in Prince Rupert 

We saw a lot of totem poles. While looking for them, Bob spotted these signs.

1-DSCN2493 1-DSCN2494

The fist one is the regular crossing sign, and the second one is the ‘alien’ one!

We left and stopped at the BC liquor store then Safeway. We returned to the motor home and took a short nap.

We had Margie and Wayne over for dinner then we played Mexican Train.

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