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Wednesday, August 21, 2013- Boya Lake Campground

Today is a lazy day. We woke up late, I worked on the blog and Bob did some items around the motor home. At 11, we all left to drive to Jade City.



Uncut Jade

Note above that the sign says that the pieces of Jade are not free, you have to come into the store to pay for them.

We were planning to have a nice lunch at their restaurant. Well, that did not pan out. They were listed in Mileposts as having a new restaurant with jade tables, chairs, and a jade wall. Not there! We wandered in the store, but no one bought anything.

We left and returned to Boya Lake. We ate lunch and sat out for awhile. The sun kept peaking in and out, so it was really too cold to sit out for long. The temp was 62, but the breeze made it chilly.

We took a short nap in the afternoon, then I finished the blog from last Friday. We cooked dinner for the four of us. After dinner we went over to Wayne and Margie’s to had a nice campfire with free firewood. We left around 9 PM and went to the motor home. We started watching the movie Dune.

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