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Tuesday August 20, 2013- Alaska Hwy. Milepost 1042 YT to Cassiar Hwy. Milepost 639, BC

We left Big Creek Campground($12) at around 10 AM. When we woke up it was 47 degrees and there were light sprinkles.  What a beautiful spot this was! There was a beautiful creek in the campground and our site was long and flat. There were 15 sites, but there were only two other campers there besides us.

Campsite1 in Big Creek Campground YT

Walk to the creek in Big Creek Campground YT

We continued south on the Alaska Hwy. to the turn off for the Cassiar Hwy( Hwy 37) . The Cassiar follows a route south, closer to the coast than the Alaska Hwy. This route was considered for the Alaska Hwy. during WWII, but it was decided that it was too close to the coast and the Japanese. The road was completed in 1972 and is the newest route to Alaska. It was paved only in the last few years.

Just a few miles down the road we left the Yukon Territory for the last time this trip, moving into British Columbia. Our eventual goal is Stewart(BC) / Hyder (USA) on the coast. We have time so we are going to be traveling fewer miles per day and enjoying beautiful BC.


The road is more narrow, w/o yellow or white lines. There are more frost heaves and pot holes, but very little traffic so we can go slowly and enjoy the view. The road is still not that bad for driving.

Cassiar Hwy between Ak Hwy. and Boya Lake

There was a fire in the area, started by lightening, in 2010, so there are a lot of burned trees. When a fire occurs, if there is not any property  in danger, firefighters let the fire go, trying to control the burn, to allow for forest re-growth.  This is Bob at Blue Lake. Note the dead trees on the other side of the lake.

Blue Lake on Cassiar Hwy BC

We finally, after 52 miles on Cassiar, reached our destination, Boya Lake Provincial Park.  We had traveled only 80 miles total today. We drove in and found two sites right on the lake. It is breathtakingly beautiful! Note on the top of the mountains is new snow fall, from yesterdays rainfall. The elevation of these Cassiar Mountains is not all that high, so the snow line is pretty low! The trees are turning and the fireweed is dying, so fall is pretty much here in BC.

Boya Lake from out campsite

We set up camp, ate lunch, and took a nice nap. When we woke up the sun was out and the sky seemed to be clearing. This park is a little different, as there are 40 sites, and an onsite ranger. She came by to collect our payment, $16 per night, Canadian. We would have had to pay more if we used US dollars.

Boya Lake from the campsite

Boya Lake from campsite with new snow on mts.

We sat watching the lake and reading our books. It was a little chilly outside, as there was a breeze, but the temp. increased to 62. We ate dinner, then went over, taking the dogs with us, to Margie and Wayne’s 5th wheel. We played Phase 10 all evening, with Margie eventually winning the game.

Boya Lake from campsite

The dogs now consider Margie and Wayne part of their ‘pack’ so they settled right in on their couch to nap!

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