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Thursday, August 22, 2013- Boya Lake BC to Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park

We left Boya Lake PP at about 8:30, continuing south on the Cassiar Hwy. The road was bumpy and had lots of pot holes and frost heaves. It remained narrow w/o any lines in the road. We were going from MP 639 Km. to MP 365 Km.  about 170 miles. We just drove slow through the bad parts and at 50-55 mph. through the nice areas.

Boya Lake PP to Kinaskan PP- Cassiar Hwy

Boya Lake PP to Kinaskan PP- Cassiar Hwy

We stopped so that Wayne could get diesel at MP 488, Dease Lake.

Boya Lake PP to Kinaskan PP- Cassiar Hwy  Dease Lake

We left there and continued south. A few miles later, there was a long gravel patch of road. I was driving. A truck came barreling around the curve ahead, heading north, out of control. He was in the southbound lane. It was really scary! He managed to correct, but in doing so he threw gravel everywhere. We got one ding, right on a ding that we had repaired on the windshield previously. We were very lucky. Margie and Wayne acquired two new dings on their windshield. The truck driver never even slowed down. We were doing about 20 mph he was doing about 60 mph!  Our ding has now started a small crack in that area. Fortunately, we have the bra on the front of the motor home which covers the lights or we might have had a broken headlight also.

We passed through Iskut,, here is Iskut Lake.

Boya Lake PP to Kinaskan PP- Cassiar Hwy - Iskut Lake

We continued south, stopping at MP 390, Tatogga Lake Resort, for lunch. I have to say that was a big mistake. The service was very slow and the food was awful!

This is Kinaskan Lake.

Boya Lake PP to Kinaskan PP- Cassiar Hwy -Kinaksan Lake

We continued on about 20 miles to our destination of Kinaskan Provincial Park. Again, we have a nice campsite right on the lake for $16, boon-docking.  We chose two sites next to each other.

Campsites 22 & 23 @ Kinaskan PP Lake

We set up camp then went to sit by the lake.

Kinaskan Lake PP

Kinaskan Lake PP

Kinaskan Lake PP

The minute I put down the chairs, I noticed this bear footprint along the edge of the water.

Kinaskan Lake PP  bear track

Roxie decided she wanted to dig. So she dug and dug in the rocks along the shore. Then she decided that she wanted to catch a leaf that was floating in the lake.

Roxie with leaf in Kinaskan Lake PP lake

We sat watching her, as each time she tried to grab the leaf it sunk. She finally got and spit it out. So she tried for another one, same result! Karlie of course watched her but decided that was all beneath her dignity!

We ate dinner then Margie and Wayne came over to play Chronology with us. We watched the end of Dune, an awful movie. Bob had read the book so he had a better understanding of what was going on than I did.

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