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Saturday, August 24, 2013- Kiniskan PP to Stewart/Hyder

We left the park at 8:30, continuing south on Hwy. 37. We now had white and yellow lines on the road. The road was excellent! We were stopped two times for road repairs and there were some gravel areas, but mostly the road was much better than we have been going across. There was also more traffic along this section of the road also.

Boya Lake PP to Kiniskan Lake PP

We reached the intersection of the Cassiar Hwy. and the Stewart / Hyder Hwy. ,so we continued south on the Stewart / Hyder Hwy. . It was a little more narrow, but still a very good road. The farther south we continued, the more cloudy, then rainy it became.

Steart Hyder hwy.

We stopped to take pictures at Bear Glacier.


Bear Glacier

The lake in front of the glacier had a pick-up truck camper floating in it when Margie and Wayne were here in 2010. Wayne was curious about where it was, as it had been floating in the lake for several years when they had been here before. He asked at the RV park and the owner said that it was finally removed from the lake.

We drove the 42 miles to Stewart, where we are staying. The two towns are on the coast. Stewart is in BC and Hyder in Alaska. We stopped at Bear River RV Park. We wanted to stay four nights, but they only had three nights available, as they have some caravans coming in. We have 30 amp, FHU, with cable TV and free WiFi.

Considering the weather, I am glad that we are only staying three nights. We are in a rain forest, so it is cold and rainy. The gal assigned us sites and we went to pull in. There was a motor home in our site. So i ran back to the office and the gal came to try to figure out what was going on. Her husband had told her that the guy in a site was staying, but he did not tell her what site. She finally got us straightened out and we parked.

We set up camp and I started laundry. We ran downtown for Bob to pick up some beer and to visit the Visitor Center. We also had a low air light on the driver front tire of the CRV, so we added air to the tire. We returned and continued laundry.

At 5 PM, we went to dinner at the King Edward motel, the only motel in town. There are only three restaurants. Stewart is very small! Dinner was very good!

After dinner, we went to Hyder, which is in Alaska. Hyder is even smaller than Stewart! There was no Customs to go through to enter Alaska, but we had to take our passports for the return trip. We went out, about four miles, to the bear viewing area. There was a single black bear, up the hill, eating bushes. We could see the bushes moving, but could not see the bear. The ranger said that salmon is good for them, but that they have to eat berries and bushes to supplement their diet. The bear eventually wandered away. All we could see was the bushe moving, until he walked through an open area, very quickly. I could not get the camera out from inside my jacket fast enough to take a picture. We stood out in the rain, but no other bear showed up, so we finally returned. We have internet and cable TV so we watched TV before going to bed.

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