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Friday, August 23, 2013- Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park

We had a quiet day enjoying the lake. It was 48 when we woke up, so it was pretty cold. Before we even got out of bed, Bob turned on the heat to warm the motor home up.

We did some work around the motor home. I cleaned and Bob re-caulked the kitchen sink. We took a really nice walk around the park, ate lunch, then Bob took the dogs on a hike. The trail was 2 KM, but it was only about half that as the trail was closed.

We took a nap, then sat out for happy hour. Some folks were backing in next to us and we sat watching them. The wife joked with us and we invited her to join us. So she and her husband came over with their chairs. Turned out she is a nurse and is starting in Case Management training in BC. She has duel citizenship, so she works in the US and Canada.

We broke to eat dinner then returned to sit around the campfire. We had free wood again! Shelagh Brennan and Bryan Frazer, plus their nice dog Perla joined us. We had a great time talking.

The camp host arrived to collect the money from Bryan and told us that the Northern Lights had been out last night at around 11:15. At 9PM, we went back in the motor home. We watched Hachi, a Richard Geer movie. Very good, but a tear jerker!

It was around 11 PM, so we went out to check to see if we could see Northern Lights. The sky was clear, but it was a full moon, so it was too bright. We went to bed.

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