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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska all in one day!

We left the campground at 8:15. We thought we would get an early start since we were not sure how the roads were. This time they were good. The road from the campground to Haines Junction was good.

We stopped in Haines Junction at the bakery, as we needed sandwiches for lunch. We had run out of bread and sandwich meat. There was no grocery store around. We walked into the bakery and they had some awesome looking Danish. We each had one and they were so fresh! I had a strawberry/cheese one and Bob had an almond. Yummy!

We turned south on Hwy. 3 to Haines. The road was the best that we have been on in a long time! Better than most of the roads in the lower 48!! We kept seeing in Mileposts that the road was going to improve and we were surprised at how good it remained.

From Destruction Bay YT to Haines AK

We stopped at an overlook and one of the BC parks workers came over to talk to us. We stopped and ate lunch at another overlook, then continued south through customs. The customs guy asked the usual questions then waved us through. We were the only folks there.

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

The highway passes through the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. In November, as many as 4,000 eagles congregate on the river. The prime season is October to January. I could not see any eagles as we traveled through.

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

We stopped at Haines Hitch-Em-Up RV park. $43/night, 30 amp FHU, with cable. $40 with the Good Sam discount. They charge extra for more electric and we are backed up to the road. The park is nice though. Bob stated that this is the first time in as long as he can remember when he kneeled on grass to hook-up our services! Expensive, but when we looked at the other campgrounds, we were really not impressed.

We went downtown to check out the town. A Holland America cruise ship was in town, so it was really busy. We stopped at the Visitor Center and the IGA. We returned to the motorhome and walked over to the Haines Brewery, which is in a section of town called Dalton City. It is their fairgrounds.

Haines AK

Destruction Bay YT to  Haines AK

Bob tried three of their beers. The Spruce Tip special, the red and the Stout. He was not impressed with any of them. They had a root beer, but they would not let me sample it and I did not want a pint.

The Spruce Tip ale has a story. When Capt. Cook arrived for the three year trip through the area, the primary problems for the sailors was scurvy. There was no Vitamin C to be had! The expedition had a brew master with them. After he ran out of hops, he started using the tips of the Sitka Spruce. An unexpected positive was that the spruce tips are high in vitamin C, eliminating the scurvy. The Spruce Tip ale is a little bit bitter, but not as bitter as stout or porter.

We walked back to the motor home and sat out until after 5 PM. We went back into town, stopping at the Radio Shack. Our alarm clock had fallen behind the slide awhile ago and we had broken the transformer on the electric cord. We need a new one. We needed to take the clock in, so Bob will go back tomorrow.

We went to dinner at a restaurant called The Lighthouse, as recommended by the gal at the RV park. It was okay, but not a place we would repeat.

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