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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Destruction Bay AK

We decided to have a quiet day today. We washed the motor home, again using lake water. At least we were able to get the worst of the mud off the sides. Bob also washed the car bra. Now you can at least tell that it is black. He also checked the generator and battery fluid levels. Other than that, we did not doing much of anything. We sat out in our chairs, enjoying the 71 degree weather and the beautiful lake view.

After lunch we took a short nap and sat out some more! We ate dinner and watched the second movie on the SciFi DVD, The Last Startfighter. I wouldn’t recommend the movie….

Some notes about Alaska. The roads are empty. We are going to really miss them when we get back to the lower 48. It is so nice not to have lots of traffic, even in the cities!

To establish residency in Alaska, you have to stay two consecutive years in Alaska, during January. The advantage of being an Alaskan, is that there is no state tax and the state gives each resident money each year from the oil settlements. There was a story this year that they are getting a little bit less in that check due to the economy in 2008. It is based on some formula.

The state capitol remains in Juneau, where there is no road access. Juneau became the capitol because of the gold fields in the area. The rich folks set up their homes there during the gold rush and did not like having to travel to Skagway ( the then current capitol), so they had it moved to Juneau. It is now too expensive to move it from Juneau.

Anchorage has moderate temperatures, with the winter in the 20’s- 30’s.

The road system is numbered, one to ten. There are highways but no interstates. Also no tolls. The marine highway is an important way to travel as is by plane. There are many, many small airports.

Camping in Alaska is so easy! As long as there is no sign on the side of the road saying no camping/no overnight parking, you can pull over anywhere. Even if it says so camping, no one will bother you. We never felt unsafe.

All the private campgrounds, with the exception of Haines Hitch-em-up, were gravel pits. They just have spots of flat gravel with and with-out hook-ups. The vast majority were 30 amp. Several of the towns had town parks.

The majority of the vehicles on the road are RV’s. We have seen tents, tent trailers, pick-up campers and motor homes. About half are rentals. You can rent a pick-up camper, tent camper, or class C. Most were through Great Alaska Holidays. Other than the cruise and their assorted packages, this is the best way to see Alaska. You have your bed, refrigerator and bathroom with you!  It is also less expensive.

Groceries and diesel have been our biggest cost factors during this trip.

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