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Thursday, August 15, 2013- Haines AK

We puttered around until almost lunch time. We left and went to the Post Office to pick up our mail. At the counter, the postal worker knew exactly who we were, as our package had arrived today. Not too much in the package, but we did receive my Synthroid and the elastic for the lounge chairs. this mural is at the PO.

Haines Mural

We went to the grocery store and picked up bread and sandwich meat. We returned to the motor home and ate lunch. After lunch, we went in search of places to see. Frist was Ft. Seward.

Haines AK

Two of Ft. Seward's buildings

There is a walking tour of the fort, but none of the buildings are open. People live in them. So we just drove by. One note though, was that the soldiers kept a pet bear, named ‘Three Per’, short for three percent beer, that they fed beer. If he did not get his beer, he begged for ice cream!

We went out to the Haines Packing Company, about four miles out of town. We took the walking tour, which consisted of seeing the buildings. Then we went along the outside of the building. They have windows and signs explaining what the employees are doing. It was interesting to watch them process the fish, and the only place you can actually tour a processing plan. We watched them cut up the fish, remove the organs, then fillet it and vacuum bag the fish. They also had a gift shop and a retail shop. We bought some king salmon for $9.99/lb.

Haines AK

Canning plant

We returned to the motor home and put the salmon in the freezer, then we went to town. I was able to buy my Haines pin, after searching through several shops. We continued on to  Chilkoot Lake to see the bears. None to see, but we will return this evening.

Chilkaot Lake

Totum still in use

This totem pole was on the way to the lake and is currently in use, which is why there is a yellow tape in front of it, blocking access.

We went home again and Bob put the elastic on one of the lounge chairs. Dinner was fish and chips from Hals Fish and Chip trailer. Again, the gal at the campground said this was the best place and she was right.

Bob put the elastic on the second chair. At 7:20, we left to go back the 10 miles to Chilkoot Lake to see if we could see any bears. We found a parking spot, that is difficult to do as there were a lot of folks waiting. While we were waiting for the bears to show, Bob spotted this bald eagle.

EAgle on the bridge 

Just before 8:15, out came a grizzly sow and her cub. The sow sat at the bridge and grabbed salmon. Then she brought it into the road and she and the cub shared it.

Bear with salmon

Sow and cub with salmon in Chilkoot State Park

Sow and cub eating salmon on the road

Then the little devil took off with the salmon. Doesn’t momma look angry at her baby!  Momma went back to get another salmon. We think the cub must have finished off the salmon, and came back for another one.

Cub stealing salmon


On the way back, we had to stop for the cub, as it was just standing by the side of the road waiting for momma to get it another salmon to steal!


We continued on our way home and another grizzly crossed in front of us on the highway. There are no tents allowed in our campground because of bears!

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