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Wednesday July 31 2013- Homer to Portage Valley

We left our beautiful site on the water at around 9:30. The sun was shinning and it was a very nice day in the 60’s. We knew it was going to be warmer inland. We have been laughing at the weather forecast here. Anchorage is having a heat wave. This is the 15th day that they have had record high temperatures. It had reached over 70! When it hits 50’s here, out come the shorts and flip flops and people start complaining about how hot it is!

We proceeded past one eagle, sitting in a tree. Possibly the same eagle we had seen before in this same area. We stopped at the town water and dump station, paying $2, on the honor system to take on water and to dump.

We continued up the road, back to Soldotna. We met Marian in the Fred Meyers parking lot and delivered the four containers of fresh salsa to her. After hugs and good-bye’s with promises to meet up again, we continued north.

The road was a lot more rugged on the return trip with lots of frost heaves and pot holes. We really shook. So much so that the cabinet above my head opened and a printer cartridge fell on my head. I looked up and the printer was half way out. I jumped up and shoved it back in, closing the cabinet door. That is the first time that has happened since we have owned the motor home. We could hear the pots and pans rattling!

Homer to Portage

Homer to Portage

Homer to Portage

Homer to Portage

Homer to Portage

We arrived at Williwaw Campground, a USFS park. $18 boon-docking in a beautiful spot. Our site was long and flat, with a huge open area holding a very large picnic table and fire ring. Wayne and Margie moved into the site next to us.

We were again surrounded by mountains, glaciers and streams. Once we set up, we walked over to pay for the site and then walked the dogs over to the Salmon Viewing area. Still no salmon in this stream, where we had seen so many salmon in late August 2005.

We returned to the motor home and at five, we went to Wayne and Margie’s site, with our dogs, wine, beer and chairs. We had veggies plus cheese and crackers, sitting around talking.

We returned to our motor home for a dinner of leftovers. Wayne and Margie came over a little after 7 and we had a nice campfire. No mosquitos!

We said farewell to Margie and Wayne. They are staying here another night before moving on to Anchorage. One of Margie’s cousins is going to be flying in on Saturday and they will be taking them touring, so they will be returning so some of the places that we have already visited.

We are continuing on our way hoping that they catch up with us on the way south through the Alaska panhandle.

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