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Thursday August 1, 2013- Portage Valley to Eagle River (Anchorage)

We left the USFS campground at about 10 AM, hooking up the car and traveling north on Hwy. 1. We were very glad that we had gone through there on a sunny day, since our return trip through it was very cloudy.

These are the poles for snow; this way the plow crews know where the side of the road is when they plow the roads in winter. Portage valley gets on average 29 feet of snow each winter.

Portage to Anchorage, snow poles

We passed through Anchorage and continued north, back to the Chugach State Park, Eagle River campground. $15 per night, boon-docking. We arrived, unhooked the car and drove around looking for a site. I had tried to make reservations at one of the sites on the water, but all the reserve able sites were reserved. We ended up back in site 42, the same site we had been in before.

We ate lunch, then went downtown. Our plan was to take the Trolley Tour. We never made it . We stopped to do a few chores, and never made it to downtown.

We returned to the motor home and watched a DVD.

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