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Saturday, August 3, 2013- Eagle River / Anchorage

We woke up and opened the shades. A short time later, a cop drove  in and had pulled over a guy in an old car, right in front of the motor home. We though he might have gotten him for speeding, but no, he hauled the guy out of his car and put on handcuffs. Pretty soon, two other cop cars showed up. The tow truck arrived and eventually they all went away. Not sure what the issue was, but the guy ( in his 20’s)was arrested.

We drove to downtown Anchorage for the10 AM start of the Anchorage Farmers Market. This is a large Farmers Market, two blocks long, and 6 lines deep. They had a little very expensive produce, lots of Alaskan items, jewelry, vinegars,  baked items, t-shirts and sweat shirts, Salmon Quesada’s, but no Reindeer sausage! I bought a pair of earrings for a whopping $7.

Farmers Market in Anchorage

Mural in Anchorage, across from Farmers Market

Above was a mural across from the Farmers Market. Below is 4th street with hanging baskets. Anchorage is known for its 1700 hanging baskets, which are each watered twice a day during the summer!

4th Street in Anchorage, with flower baskets

We had been noticing that our house batteries were not holding their charge. So we continued on to Batteries Plus to buy  six new Duracell, 6  volt, deep cycle, golf cart batteries. Not cheap, but less expensive than we paid the last time!

We put them in the back of the CRV, went to Walmart,  eating lunch at the McDonalds in Walmart, and Fred Meyers for groceries. We returned to the motor home. Bob went to work installing the batteries and I took the sheets to the Laundromat back in Eagle River.

When I returned to the motor home, we put the old batteries in the back of the CRV and returned to Batteries Plus to recycle them, getting a refund of over $80.

We returned home, ate dinner and watched a movie on DVD.

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