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Tuesday July 30 2013- Homer AK

We woke up again to bright blue skies with temp of 57. No wind in the early morning, but it quickly picked up.

At 9:30, we went to Homer Fish Processed to pick up our halibut. We had 30.3 lbs. If you consider that you have half the fish, we had caught a lot of fish! These were the biggest fish either of us had ever caught! We paid them and they put them into a trash bag. We put the trash bag into our cooler and returned to the motor home.

We shifted all the food to one freezer and put the halibut in the other freezer. Let see,  hmm, fish chowder, stew, tacos, casseroles, etc. We are going to be overdosing on halibut! Bob figured that we paid about $11 per pound for the halibut and we even still have room in the freezer!

Bob cleaned the windshield and the side window, where some gull left a deposit. The wind had picked up a lot., but at least it is sunny!

We left to go to lunch at the Sourdough Bakery and Café, but when we arrived their grill had gone out of service. So we returned to the The Two Sisters Bakery. Their ad says “Laughter is Brightest where the Food is Best”. We agree! Bob had the same ham and cheese sandwich and I had the BLT baguette. Good thing we don’t eat there everyday! They were both so good!

We went back out on the spit and shopped in the stores on the other side of the road. They had some cute items, but nothing we wanted to buy. We went two Bear Creek Winery. I had their Blu Zin in Soldotna, so I did not try that. I had their fruit wines.  I liked the Black Raspberry and might have bought a bottle if it had not been so expensive $20 bottle.

We returned to the motor home and took a nice nap. After dinner we went to visit with Margie and Wayne at their 5th wheel. We took the dogs with us. They were so excited. All Bob said was lets go see Wayne and Margie and they were beside themselves. We drove out the spit to Homer Spit RV park and they raced into the 5th wheel. Roxie even sat on Wayne’s lap. We set up where we were meeting tomorrow.

On the way home, we stopped at  The Salty Dog  and took pictures of the famous inside. The walls are plastered with dollar bills. Unfortunately, the pictures are on my cell phone and for some reason I cannot get them to transfer to the computer!

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