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Sunday July 28 2013- Homer AK

We woke up this morning to a temp of 56 and bright, sunny skies. By 8:30, we started having fog. By 9:30 we could not see the water and by 10:30 we could not see the driftwood right in front of the motor home. The fog started to lift, just a little around noon, so we that could see the driftwood again. but it remained most of the day.

We did our usual Sunday budget. We had written checks for some of our bills on Friday, after we had picked up our mail at the local post office. I worked on the blog until my computer battery started to complain. Bob fixed my closet door. This door has never been right since we purchased the motor home and will need to be replaced.

We ate lunch, then drove north about 20 miles to Anchor Point. As soon as we went up the 100ft. or so, off the spit and into town, the fog cleared and we had bright blue skies.

The town of Anchor Point has the farthest west highway ending in the US. We could not see anything due to the fog on the water.

Anchor Point AK

We took Old Sterling Highway back, which was a nice two lane road. We saw a couple of Bald Eagles flying, but they flew rapidly over the car and disappeared.

When we arrived back in town, we turned left on Pioneer Street and stopped at  The Alaska Berry Store. We wandered through and only purchased two small pieces of chocolate each.

We continued on the road and turned left onto East Hill Road. We took that to Skyline Drive. We turned left and went to the view point. We took pictures of the town, but could not see the spit or or Kachemak Bay, due to the fog cover.

Homer AK, from Skyline Drive

Glacier from Skyline Drive Home AK

Glacier from the motor home

We went back down the hill and stopped at the Homer Brewery Tasting Room.

Bob had a sampler of Pale Ale, Special Bitter, Scottish Ale and Porter. He liked the Scottish Ale, but not enough to purchase any of it. He thought that the Porter had too strong a coffee flavor. We do not think they bottle their beer, as we have not seen any bottles anywhere.


We cruised back to the Spit and stopped at Frosty Bear Ice Cream for some ice cream. We walked into the store and promptly ran into Margie and Wayne. We all had a good laugh about that!

Allegedly the ice cream store is ‘famous’ for their waffle cones/cups. So we bought a double of Cherry Bordeaux  and Pralines and Cream in a waffle cup. We split the ice cream cup while sitting outside with Margie and Wayne. The ice cream was very good and the waffle was made with Krusteaz waffle cone mix.

We returned to the motor home and watched the fog lift! Slowly it became sunny and windy. Oh well, guess we will not be able to ride our bikes here. It is either so foggy you cannot see or sunny and too windy to ride.

At 6 PM we met Margie and Wayne at Happy Smiles restaurant, a partially Chinese restaurant, which had a seafood special of shrimp, scallops and halibut, with salad and fries for $21.95.

We ate dinner and sat talking and laughing until 7:45. We stopped in at the other fish processing store on the spit. They process the fish for the same price, but they freeze faster it and will give it to us quicker. The problem is that the place is always mobbed. We will have to make a decision before we fish tomorrow.

We returned to the motor home and watched TV until going to bed. It is still fairly cold, never reaching 60 on the Spit.

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