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Monday July 29 2013- Homer AK- Charter fishing

We woke up to bright, sunny skies, with a temp of 56. Around 9, we left and went to the Post Office and dropped off the mail. We continued on to Two Sisters bakery for bread, but the bread was not  yet baked. We stopped at the Alaska Credit Union and used their ATM. We should not have to pay ATM charges as the ATM is in network. We will see….

We went to the Food for Less and bought bread and they had Bob’s cereal ( $5.49 ) so we only bought one box. We went back up West Hill Road onto Skyline Drive and took pictures of the town. We could see the Spit this time!

Home Spit from Skyline Drive

Kachemak Bay from Skyline Drive

Above is Kachemak Bay. Below is the motor home from Skyline drive. We are second from the left on the water.

Campground from Skyline Drive

Bob spotted this Bald Eagle on the Tsunami siren.

EAgle on sateliite dishes

Eagle on light by RV park.

He was just hanging out. By the time we got back from taking the picture, he had flown away. In about 1/2 hour he was back. Bob is keeping a close eye on him while walking the dogs.

We ate lunch, packed up and went to the marina to catch our charter boat. We were assigned to the Naughty Lady. There were 17 of us on the boat, in addition to the Captain and two crew members.

Nauti Lady Charter Boat

Lands End at Homer Spit AK

We left the harbor at about 1:15, heading out 27 miles into the ocean. The inlet had 3 ft. waves, but the ocean had at least 5 ft., if not more! The boat was really rocking! We arrived at our fishing site at 3:00, put down anchor and the crew instructed us on how to fish for Halibut.

It took awhile to get our sea legs. I dropped the weight into the water and  let our the line until the weight hits bottom, then you pull back a bit. I immediately had nibbles and then a strike. I did this twice and lost my bait both times.

I had a devil of a time trying to wind the reel. It was not working well at all. The third time I tried to pull in a large fish. The female crew member had to assist me,as the reel was just not working. We got the fish in and she tagged it. The captain came over and looked at it and declared it a 20 pounder. They do not weigh the fish, but I trust his eyeballing.

The gal gave me a different rod and reel. This time, with a new reel, and I was able to pull in my own 15 pounder. She asked me if I wanted to throw it back, but I said no, as we are going to be overwhelmed with fish!

Meanwhile, Bob and Margie had gotten seasick. Actually, about 9 people were seasick, out of 17 people. Bob managed to pull in two Halibut which looked like they were about 15 to 18 lbs., then he was done for the day.

Bob's halibut

Wayne got his fish, then Margie had to hook hers, for Wayne to bring in.

Bob's halibut

Then she went in the cabin and went to sleep. She slept until we were almost in. Both Margie and Bob were miserable. One family, father, mother and teenage son were all sick.

Everyone caught their limit. You were allowed to catch and release, but it was really tiring to try to bring in these large fish. One teenager did and he brought in a really big fish that they had to release. What a waste!

It had been foggy up until a little before we were ready to leave the ocean, then it cleared out. The ride back was a lot calmer than the ride out.

We took pictures with the fish, then the crew filet them. Try grabbing a heavy slimy fish to hold it up.

Denise trying to hold up her 20 pounder

Denise's 20 pounder

Here is the gal fileting my big one and the guy fileting a smaller one.

Fileting the 20 lb halibut

Above is the big fish being filet. Below one of the smaller ones.

Fileting our smaller fish

We had the processor take our fish to clean, vacuum pack, and freeze.($1.05/lb.) We will be picking them up in the morning.

Bob and Margie both started feeling better on the way back, as the ride was much smoother. Both were okay pretty much as soon as they hit dry land.

We returned to the motor home and had left overs for dinner. We had folks move in on our right and left. The ones on the right were fine, but the ones on the left were noisy, banging the doors and talking. They had a dog which they tied out to the bumper and left there. The dog barked for hours. At 11:20, Bob put on clothes, as we were already in bed, and went out to talk to them. Just as he left the motor home the dog became quiet. They had put the dog into their pickup truck. We were finally able to get to sleep.

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