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Thursday July 25 2013- Soldonta to Homer

We woke up and started preparing to leave. Bob checked the batteries and they are low on water, so he added water. The generator is also low on anti-freeze, so we are going to pick up some at Fred Meyer.

My phone rang. Craig and Terilu ( who we have been trying to catch up with) are coming through on their way from Homer to Seward, so we are going to meet up with them at the Fred Meyer parking lot.

We spent about 20 minutes with them, as they are the Wagon-masters for the SMART Alaska Caravan and had the caravan traveling behind them. It was so good to see them, as we have not seen them for over a year! We said a fond farewell until we meet up with them again!

We returned to the Elks and finished packing up. Bob added the anti-freeze to the generator and we left the Elks at about 11:30, returned to Hwy. 1, and drove south to Homer. We past fields of beautiful fireweed. The pictures do not show the awesome colors!

Fields of fireweed between Soldontna and Homer

We stopped at a rest area along the way for lunch, where we caught up with Wayne and Margie. The rest area, described in Mileposts as the best pictures of the mountains, was overlooking Cook Inlet. It was a shame that the land behind the rest area was for sale, as someone had mowed down the fireweed and other wildflowers and the haze was so bad that the pictures do not show the awesome mountains, so they are not going in the blog. 

We continued into Homer.  Below is the Homer Spit and Cook Inlet.

Cook Inlet, Home, with spit in the background


We arrived at Homer Spit RV Park at around 2 PM. We were assigned a horrible site, with FHU/ 30- amp. We are not happy as we are right on a corner and are afraid that we are going to be hit by other RV’s. We were supposed to stay here five nights, but are only going to stay for two. Enough time to get some laundry completed.

Homer has the town and the spit. The spit is a gravel mound which sits out into the inlet. Homer has split the town, with the town services in the town and the shops, restaurants, fishing charters etc., out on the spit. The spit is about 5 miles long.

We set up camp and sat out to enjoy the nice weather. Bob sat on one of the recliners and the strings broke. We had been anticipating this occurring, and have a repair kit ready. Unfortunately, the strings in the repair kit have ends that are too big to go through the metal on the chair. So Bob worked on making temporary adjustments. Hope they work and he does not land on the ground!

This is the Seafarer’s Memorial, right next to Homer Spit campground.

Homer AK

We  ate  Alaska Sockeye salmon for dinner, which we had picked up frozen at Walmart in Kenai. ($9.59 for 12 oz.) It was pretty good, and we might go back for more, depending upon the price of salmon here on the spit.

We drove back down the spit, looking for other RV parks to move to, as the lady here could only give us 2 nights in the FHU, for $50/night. Since we had reservations, we are not happy! Especially since our view is to the back of other RV’s and we are in this lousy site.

Homer Spit RV Park

We found some other campgrounds and the Elks Lodge, but since we will be moving on Saturday, we will have to see where we will land. The w/e here may be very busy with weekenders. We are currently getting our laundry done though, since we have FHU.

We stopped at some of the shops and looked around. We found my pin, and there was a 236 lb. halibut that someone had caught. hanging, ready to be cut up.  We found a fishing charter that we might like to do, so we returned to the motor home. We went over to Margie and Wayne’s for apple cobbler and to discuss the charter.

We returned to the motor home at 10 PM and went to bed. This is the first night that we have not put the ‘pillow’ in the ceiling vent in the bedroom to diminish the light coming in the vent. The sun sets at 11:01 and rises at 5:55 in the AM, today, so we left the vent open and bringing air into the motor home, since it is warm ( 60’s overnight). Since the solstice, we have been losing four minutes of daylight per day. We have done pretty well with the ‘midnight sun’. but do miss the nighttime.

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