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Friday July 26 2013- Homer AK

We started laundry and cooked dog food this morning. We left to go to the Inlet Charters where we signed up for a halibut fishing trip on Monday afternoon. We wanted Sunday, but could not get it. From there, we went to the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. We picked up brochures and a discount for the Pratt museum.

We backtracked to the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center.  We watched two movies, one on the bay and the other on the scientific studies.

Home AK

It was lunch time, so we left and returned to the motor home for lunch. I had a headache( rare for me) and I took two Tylenol and laid down for the afternoon. Bob was going to go with Margie and Wayne to the Pratt Museum, but they decided instead to do the $5 walking tour of the harbor. Since it was drizzling, Bob decided to stay home. It was so cold that we put the heat on!

We stayed in this evening, watching a DVD and relaxing.

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