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Tuesday July 23 2010- Seward to Soldotna

We sadly left Seward to continue on our trip. Seward was one of our favorite places!

We back-tracked up Hwy. 9 to Hwy. 1, turning west to Soldotna. We passed Kenai Lake, this time, on the other side of the lake. Mileposts stated that the speed limit was going to decrease and the road would become narrow and winding. It did! Very!

That lasted for about 20 miles. We cruised through beautiful country. We started to see people fishing on the Russian and Kenai rivers. As we continued on, we left the scenic by-way.

From Seward to Soldonta AK

From Seward to Soldotna

We reached Soldotna and saw the Fred Meyers on the left. We were glad that we were not planning to spend the night there as the parking lot was full of RV’s. At the next traffic light we turned right onto the Kenai Spur and drove a couple of miles and turned right to the Elks Lodge. There was only one motor home there. They have 15 amp on posts and you can get water from the Lodge. We decided to boon-dock for $10. Margie and Wayne decided to use the electric for $20.

We left and went to Walmart to grocery shop, returning to the motor home to put the groceries away. While we were at Walmart Bob rec’d a text from Tom Braum. When we arrived back at the motor home, Tom called. We are meeting up with them tomorrow in Kenai. They are staying with friends right on the bluff.

We left to go to dinner with Margie and Wayne at St. Elias Brewery and Pizzeria. We all had pizza and salads. Bob and Wayne had the 10 beer sampler. Margie had the pale ale and I had a White Zinfandel Blue from Bear Vineyard ( it had some blueberry in it).

Wayne and Bob at St. Elias Brewery

We left the brewery and returned to the Elks Lodge. We played Chronology until after 9 PM, before going to bed.

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