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Sunday July 21 2013- Seward AK

Alaska fact- State tree- Sitka Spruce

We ate a nice breakfast, updated the budget,  paid bills, and I worked on the blog. At around 11:30, we walked down the bike / walking path along the bay to old town. We went to lunch at the Seward Brewery. Bob had a  Flight of Four sampler of the beers including a Golden Ale, White Ale, Red Ale and Stout, and I had some White Zinfandel. Wine is cheap in Alaska, $5 for a 6 oz. glass. Bob really liked the White and the Stout. He could not buy any to take home, as the brewery just opened last year and they have not started bottling yet. 

Bob with Flight of Four at Seward Brewery

Bob had the Reindeer Sausage sandwich and I had the fish( Alaska Cod) and chips. Below is a mural across from the Sea Life Center.

Mural across from the Sea Life Center

This is old town Seward.

Downtown Seward

After lunch we went to the Sea Life Center, $17 ea. senior rate. We wandered through the exhibits. The center was built with funds from the money that the state received from Exon for the Valdez incident.

Seward Sea Life Center

Seward Sea Life Center

Seward Sea Life Center- Harbor Seal

Above is a Harbor Seal. Below is- brown a female Eitod, the black and white is a male Eitod, and on the right, black and white with yellow beak is a Puffin.  Downstairs when we were watching the various fish, the puffins were diving and swimming in the tank. They fly through the water. It really looks like they are flying when they are swimming, as they use their wings to swim.  Brown-female Eitod, Black and white male Eitod, right Puffin

Sleeping Sea Otters in rehab  center

Above, two sea otters. The one on the left was asleep. The one on the right was scratching it’s leg and belly, just like the dogs do…. These two were in the rehab area.

Life of a salmon

Above, the life of salmon on a poster. Below the salmon runs in Resurrection Bay.

Salmon Runs

This Steller Sea Lion decided to perform for us. He looked at us on this trip around the tank then decided to start putting on a show!

Steller Sea Lion

Steller Sea Lion

Steller Sea Lion

Thank you Oscar, you were definitely a cutie!

We wandered through the very expensive gift shop, not buying any of their overpriced items. For example, smoked sockeye salmon, 1 lb. $50. A jacket, $259 ( we had seen the same thing in another store for $30.

We walked through the town, looking in the shops. I bought my pin. We walked back to the motor home, stopping to take this picture of another mural.

Another Mural

We returned to the motor home. Bob took a nap and I read my book, until I fell asleep in the recliner. I had not slept well last night due to the high winds. The motor home rocking kept waking me up and I had to decide if it was the wind or an earthquake. If we have an earthquake, we have to grab the dogs, money, and water; run to the car and high tail it out of here, leaving the motor home. We are at sea level and a tsunami could come in at any time after an earthquake.

We rode our bikes on the bike trail into town then back and out to the Sea Life Center. We ate dinner and sat out watching the boats and birds.

Around 8 PM, the Statendam Cruise Ship left port and turned around directly in front of us, just like the Radiance of the Sea did on Friday evening. 


Statendam turning

Statendam turning

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