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Thursday June 27- Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT

We had parked in a pull-through sites, behind Wayne and Margie. So we pulled out and crossed over to the gas station for Wayne to fill up with diesel. They were closed, so we continued on our way. Pelly River and Bridge from campground as we were leaving.

Pelly Crossing River and Bridge

Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT

Note the purple flowers on the side of the road! They were very pretty!

Stewart River-Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT

The Stewart River from the bridge.

Gravel Lake-Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT

Gravel lake, this is a marsh and famous for the birds who migrated through here.

Tintina Trench Over Look-Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT

The Tintina Trench which extends hundreds of miles across Yukon and Alaska. this is the largest fault in North America and one of two major bird migration corridors in the Yukon.

Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT

We went down into the trench and along the Yukon River and into Dawson City.

We drove into Bonanza Gold RV Park and checked in. Before we went to our site, we went to the RV /car wash to wash the vehicles. Three minutes per Looney. I sprayed and Bob brushed. We were both covered in mud and sweating like crazy when we finished.

We went to our site, number 79A, and set up. We turned on the air and took showers. It went up to 102 degrees! It was hot, but at least we have 30 amp FHU with cable TV for $34 per night, Good Sam discount.

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  1. 102-degrees. Don’t think it ever went out of the 80s the entire time we were in Alaska. That is quite unusual.

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