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Friday June 28- Dawson City YT

It was 70 degrees when we woke up,cloudy and the temp did not go up very much.

Margie and Wayne did not seem to be moving rapidly so we drove downtown. We stopped at the local bakery and bought sourdough bread. The rye we bought the other day was hard as a brick, so we pitched it.

We stopped at the Visitor Center and picked up some info on Canada Day ( Monday) and what to see in town. It was starting to sprinkle, so we headed back to the motor home and started some laundry. Bob worked on the car, getting off some of the dirt we missed yesterday. He did this between sprinkles, although the sky continued to look very threatening.

He also fixed the TV converter, in the bedroom, which for some reason does not want to stay in place. He also found an email that told him that the bed bladder had been delivered to the UPS store in Fairbanks. Huh? It was supposed to take two weeks, so he called and left a voice mail message that we will be there on July 7.

Margie and Wayne came over at about 10:30 and we started to plan our day. We decided to go to the Red Feather Saloon. Each day the town opens one of their old renovated buildings for free tours. Friday is the Saloon.

When we arrived, we discovered that the Fantasy Tours Caravan was having a private tour of the building. On the other end of the building was the Yukon Liquor store, so we went there. Margie bought some wine and Wayne bought some beer. Bob and I did not buy anything. The liquor store is on the left in the Harness shop. It is also the motor vehicle and other government offices, but they fixed up the front of the stores.

Dawson City YT

When  we walked back down the building, the tour was ending and we were able to enter the Saloon. The town has done an excellent job of restoring it.  Here is the original and then the renovation. They found the bar and pictures etc. in someone’s house and he donated them back to the town. They guy had been collecting items as buildings closed up, for years!

Dawson City YT

Dawson City YT

Dawson City YT

Across the street was the Eldorado Hotel.

Dawson City YT

On the other corner was Harrington’s Store. They had created a little museum ( free) that had these displays. No one there, you just wander through and read the information. It was interesting, as the information was taken from letters and diaries about peoples impressions of the town in different eras.

Dawson City YT

After this we went in search of lunch. We had walked over the the hotel, but the prices were outrageous. $15 for a BLT. Other sandwiches were in the $18-22  range.

We walked back to Front Street and stopped in at the  River West Bistro and Coffee Bar. The prices were more reasonable, with a BLT being $7.50. Still expensive, but better!

We walked down the wooden sidewalk. The streets are gravel and the sidewalks wood. We stopped in at a couple of small shops. I bought two pins. We continued on to the Visitor Center where we watched two 15 minute films, one on Dawson City and the other on Gold Mine Dredging. Both were interesting. The next film was on the steamboats and we had seen it in White Horse.

There was a bake sale by one of the local churches, so we wandered over there. Nothing of interest, so we went to the General store, which is actually the grocery store. Prices are really high! A can of Campbell soup is $2.49. We didn’t buy any.

Dawson City YT

We returned to the motor home, walked the dogs, hung up clothes and took a nap. At 6 we went to Margie and Wayne’s’ 5th wheel for dinner. They served salmon, brown rice and carrots. Dessert was a pineapple cake.

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