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Saturday June 22–Lake Teslin to White Horse

We left Milepost 797.6 and continued north to White Horse. Again, lots of trees and lakes. The scenery is so pretty, but the beauty does not come through in the pictures!

Here is the campground we stayed in last evening, complete with the heart on the door to the outhouse. Glad that we have our own “washroom” as the Canadians call it.

Pine Point Campground, YT

Teslin Lake YT

Above, Teslin Lake. Below Marsh Lake.

Marsh Lake YT

North of Marsh Lake YT

Nothing of interest on this part of the journey, but lots to see in White Horse. The roads were better today, with no loose gravel or work on the roads.

We arrived in White Horse, pulling in to Pioneer RV Park, Mile Post 911, at around 11:15. When I walked into the office, the gal said, oh, Gray and Holmes for one night. No, we made reservations for 4 nights, so they had to quickly shuffle around the sites. We were placed in sites 71 and 72, with us facing south and Margie and Wayne facing north, with our doors facing each other and a picnic table between us. The sites are very close together, but we have internet and cable TV with a lot of channels. It is nice to check in on the news to make sure the world has not ended and no one told us!

We set up and there was a guy fixing an RV windshield a few motor homes away, so Bob walked over and asked the guy to fix ours. We ate lunch, then I ran into town in case there was a Farmers Market. I checked at the Visitor Center, and they said no, there is one on Thursday evening. Oh well. I drove back and picked Bob up and we ran back to Walmart. This was a very small Walmart. We picked up 3 DVD’s on the $5 table, then bought a camping air bed for Bob. The sleep number is still deflating. We know it is not the pump and it is not the bladder. Bob thinks it is a leak at the clip where the tubing goes into the bladder. He had changed the tubing between my side and his, and that night both sides stayed inflated. But, it deflated again last night. There are no Sleep Number stores in CA or in AK, so we bought an air mattress for him to use until we get back to the lower 48. Just goes to show you, we thought we were prepared for most everything!

From Walmart, we went to “The Real Canadian Discount Store” for groceries. It was an interesting experience. Food is very expensive and different.  We might be looking for something and it looks completely different than what we have in the states, as everything has all the items on the outside of the can or box in both English and French.

We have to be very careful when purchasing meat, fruit and vegetables. They have to identify where they came from, for when we cross the border. Plus they do not have a lot of the items we are used to using. But then, part of the fun of traveling is seeing and trying other items. We returned to the motor home and put away the groceries. By this time it was 5 PM. Margie and Wayne were doing laundry in the RV park Laundromat, so we waited for them and went to Boston Pizza for dinner. We had been to a Boston Pizza before, in we think Whistler. The food was good and the company even better!

We returned to the motor home and Bob put his side of the bed together. This is going to be a pain, as we are going to have to deflate the mattress every time we move, as we are going up and down in altitude constantly and the air pressure climbs in the bladder.

White Horse is a very small city, even though it is the largest city in the Province. It is also the capitol of the Province. The city is more the size of La Plata than Waldorf! We are really out in the sticks!

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