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Thursday June 20 Watson Lake YT- Sign Post Forest, Northern Lights Museum

We woke up about 7AM, the temp was 61, warmest morning so far! We did more laundry and went over to Margie and Wayne’s to make more reservations. We have to do reservations now in the cities due to the RV caravans. We went to the office and did a book exchange, then walked over to the famous Sign Post Forest. In 1942, Carl Lindley, a homesick US soldier, posted a signpost to his hometown, while working on the Alcan Highway. Since then, there are over 71,000 signs hammered to the row upon row of posts. Mr. Lindley returned in 1992 to look at the site, and was amazed at what he started. We found a sign in the Visitor Center which tells us that there is now a Sign Post Forest in his hometown of  Danville Il.

Watson Lake YT- Sign Post Forest

Bob posted our sign. We came prepared with a sign we had made in Quartzite AZ, this past January, by the Two Crazy Ladies. 

Watson Lake YT- Sign Post Forest

Watson Lake YT- Sign Post Forest

Signs were made from hats, kitchen plates, wood, cookie sheets, etc. It was interesting to see how many stolen signs there were from towns all over the world. The count is done in August / September, so our sign will be in the next 2000 added to the count. Our sign is located inside the gas station entrance( there is a ship buoy at the entrance, through the horizontal rows, to the vertical rows, on the right. It is bright blue,and should hold up for quite a few years. Margie and Wayne were having trouble finding the sign that they left in 2010, next to a large Florida shaped sign.

Watson Lake YT- Sign Post Forest

Above is a sign that is the closest to where we started our trip!

We walked back to the motor home and ate lunch. We went to the 2 PM show at the Northern Lights Centre.

Watson Lake YT- Sign Post Forest

They show a movie. $9 seniors and we had $1 off coupons from the RV park. There were actually two different movies. The movies are shown on a high definition 360 degree dome screen. The seats reclined back so that you could comfortably watch the ceiling. 

The first movie was about light and the universe. The second was about the northern lights. Both were fascinating! The only problem was, they cooled off the room, had us leaning back, and turned off the lights. All of us had to fight to stay awake!

I bought a Watson Lake pin with the Sign Post Forest on it and a shirt. The shirt was in a $10  bin. Wayne bought a jacket.

We left there and went to Hougen’s Department Store, a gift shop, with some nice items, but very expensive. None of us bought anything. 

Margie and Wayne had printed out their pictures of where they hung their sign in 2010, and went back to the Sign Post Forest to look for their sign .They found it!

We relaxed at home. Cooked dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

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  1. Thanks for all the great pictures. Feel like we are on the trip with you. Save travels.

    Jim & Jeanette

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