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Tuesday June 18 2013- Liard River Hot Springs- Smith River waterfall and Teeter Creek waterfall

We woke up to 46 degrees and overcast, with a wind. It was 57 degrees inside.  It was cold! We were not allowed to run the generator until 9AM, so we made due. The coffee pot did run on the invertor, so we had hot coffee!

It warmed all the way up to 50 outside, at around 9AM  when we were allowed to run the generator. At 10, we walked the dogs, again, and stopped at the Ranger office. She gave the dogs some treats and we checked the weather forecast. 60% chance of rain, with a high of about 59. Margie and Wayne went to the hot springs, but we stayed in, enjoying the heat.

I decided to make a pot of soup, as we had everything to make Italian Wedding soup, except the spinach.  So we had 1/2 turkey sandwiches and soup for lunch.

At 12:30, Bob, Wayne and Margie went in their truck to Smith River Falls, Milepost 495.2. I decided to stay home and take a nap.

Whirlpool Canyon Waterfalls

Bob said that there had been a fire in the area and the trees were destroyed.

Whirlpool Canyon water falls.

They left there and returned to Milepost 482.8, to the Teeter Creek waterfall, a 10 minute walk from the road.

Teeter Creek Falls

Going both directions they saw this one lone buffalo grazing on the side of the road. He looks pretty rough, but that is because he is shedding his winter coat.

Bison off the road

They returned at about 2:30, just after I woke up!  We walked over to the hot springs at 3:30 and stayed until after 5. We ate dinner, then went over to Wayne and Margie’s 5th wheel to plan for Fairbanks and Denali. After that we played Chronology, with Margie and Wayne each winning one game, Bob winning two games and I won two games.

We returned to the motor home and went to bed.

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