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Friday June 14, 2013- Ft. Nelson BC- Heritage Museum

We still woke up early, 6 AM, when the folks next to us started their engine. They pulled out of their site at 6:03. At least we have TV here, so we watched the news from Seattle and the Today show.

At 10 AM, we walked over to the Ft. Nelson Heritage Museum. $5 each.

Ft. Nelson Heritable Museum

We watched another movie on the building of the Alaska Highway, this one was even older than the first one, but still interesting. We wandered through the inside exhibits.

Ft. Nelson Heritage Museum

It was pretty junky, but many items we had as children in our homes. I thought that this was interesting. They went for a Guinness World Record; you have to understand, this is a very small town!

Ft. Nelson Heritage Museum

Outside, they had various plows and trucks. This was a 1911 truck.

1911 truck

They had a building with about 20 vehicles in it. Here is one…

Model T, which went back and forth to Whitehorse in 1992

Note the fake legs underneath. This as a Model T, which someone drove from Ft. Nelson to Whitehorse and back in 1992 for the Centennial.

There were guys getting the vehicles ready for their parade on July 1, Canada Day.

Getting cars ready for July 1 Canada Parade

We wandered past the original Post Office.


Then into the communication building. They had everything from old typewriters to princess phones. Here are their old switchboards.

Ft. Nelson Heritage Museum

One of the gals came out and opened the original house of a Hudson Bay Trading company employee, from the 1920’s. Here is the dining room.

Ft. Nelson Heritage Museum

We were able to tour the entire house, including the upstairs bedrooms. Next was a replica of a  trappers cabin, only this one was 3x the size.

Rendition of a trapper cabin, only 3x the actual size.

Usually they are only big enough for a bed and a stove with a few personal items.


We were not sure what this was, but we finally decided it was an autoclave! The museum had a lot of ‘stuff’, from various era’s. We think we got our $5 worth! We hustled back to the motor home, just a short walk away, as the sky had gotten dark, and we thought that we were going to have a thunderstorm. We had some thunder and a few rain drops, but it passed through quickly.

We ate lunch, then went to the IGA for a few grocery items. They did not have everything, so we went to the other grocery store, whose strange name I do not remember, and we purchased the rest of the items.

We returned to the motor home, took a short nap while another thunderstorm blew through, again, very little rain. Then made dog food. We were finally able to get on the internet late in the day.

We went to dinner at Margie and Wayne’s. They are trying to use up some un-labeled meats. So it was crock-pot pork chops which were very good.

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