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Thursday June 13 2013 Bucking Horse River to Ft. Nelson BC

We woke to rain again! So far it has rained most every day since we left Denver! Canada is very green, so they don’t need the rain. They really need it in the southwest US.

We left the Buckinghorse Lodge at 8:30, traveling north to Ft. Nelson. There was not a lot to see on the two hour drive. I spotted some deer and an owl but was unable to get a picture of either.

In Ft. Nelson, Mile post 283( they bill themselves as at Mile Post 300, which is the center of town),  we stopped in the Visitor Center. Margie found that she had phone service, so she made our reservations for Dawson City ( Canada Day) and Tok ( 4th of July) . The RV caravans are starting to catch up to us, so we need to make some reservations for the holidays.

She also called the Triple G, the park in Ft. Nelson, almost across the Alaska Hwy. The gal who answered said I can see you at the visitor center, come on over… So we did. We paid for two nights $40 each night, for FHU, 30 amp, pull through sites.

We set up, started laundry, and ate lunch. I immediately fell asleep, as I had woken up at 4:30 this morning. With the long days, it is easy to go to sleep, it is just hard to stay asleep. At this point, sunset is around 10:30 and sunrise is 4 AM. I ended up taking a two hour nap. Bob walked the dogs then took the CRV over to the RV/car wash, which is in the back of the park. $ 1 per minute. The car and motor home are both very dirty. He then joined me for a nap.

Below, Wayne had cleaned their 5th wheel, except for this one spot. You can see how dirty the RV was!

Wayne had cleaned the RV

At about 3 PM, we went to Trapper’s Den Wildlife Emporium. Mile Post 278 this was a small cabin, operated by a  local trapping family. They had native crafts, moccasins, mukluks, moose-hide, birch-bark baskets, fur hats , jewelry etc….. Basically a junk shop, but it was interesting to wander through.  Margie bought a book.

From there we went to Ye Olde Quilt Shop, Mile Post 280. A nice little shop, but much smaller than the sewing room at Desert Creek in Casa Grande. Margie bought some nice material to make a table cloth for her RV table.

We returned to the RV park, and we now able, for a short period of time, to get on the internet, where I answered emails and uploaded the blog. It cleared up a little bit, for a short period of time.

We ate dinner, then Margie and Wayne came over and we made more plans. Plans keep changing. We are going to boon-dock at Muncho lake for two nights then at Liard River Hot Springs for two nights. We are trying to stay within a decent time frame for getting to our reservations.

We have cable TV, so we watched TV and went to bed.

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