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Saturday June 8 2013- Hinton to Grand Prairie AB

It rained some overnight, but we drove out of the Walmart parking lot at about 8:20, since we were both ready to leave. We had a really good nights sleep, as the Walmart and mall closed at nine, and it was pretty quiet.

We drove the the Flying J, which was in an industrial park. No attendant, you just put in your credit card and fill up. We now headed out of Hinton, back south, four miles to Hwy. 40. “ The most scenic way to Alaska”.

Scenery, Hwy, 40 north to Grand Prairie

The road is paved, but a little bumpy for some stretches. At about 10:20, just after the sign that said caribou crossing, I spotted this momma  bear and her two cubs on the side of the road. It was hard to catch pictures of the cubs as they were playing with each other!

Bear and cubs between Hinton and Grand Prairie

Bear and cubs between Hinton and Grand Prairie

Bear and cubs between Hinton and Grand Prairie

Then momma bear called her kiddies and they meandered into the woods.

Bear and cubs between Hinton and Grand Prairie

We drove about another half hour and this Elk raced across the highway ahead of us. I yelled Caribou, heh I wasn’t sure, and Bob slowed down.

Elk between Hinton and Grand Prairie

We continued on to Grand Prairie where we spend another night in a Walmart parking lot!  This time in a Super Center. Since it was early, about 2:30, we pulled into two parking places, on the outer aspect of the parking lot. We jumped out of the motor home and disconnected the car, quickly so that we could not block traffic. We were next to a little island with two small trees, so we put out the bedroom side, over the little island.

Wayne and Marie arrived a little bit later, and they parked on the dirt( mud). We wanted to stay on pavement!  We went shopping at the Super Walmart, stocking up. We walked across the parking lot to M & M meats. We had seen these stores but had not stopped. We bought some pirogues( potato and cheddar), 2 lbs for $3.99 and some frozen Beef Bourguignon with noodles If they are good, we will buy more in Dawson Creek.

About 5:45, I moved the car back behind where the large slide comes out, and we put out the living room slide. The parking lot had a lot less cars now, although the Walmart stayed open until 10:00.

At 6, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Smitties, in the parking lot. It is sort of like a Denny’s. The food was very good and not expensive. I had veal cutlet with rice and veggies, Bob and Margie had fish and chips with salad. Wayne had beef tips with veggies.

We returned to the motor home. We had internet access from Mr. Subs and McDonalds, so I downloaded the next three segments of Downton Abby. The internet was not fast, but I had all night! We watched more of Dexter, season 7, which we have on DVD.

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