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Friday June 7, 2013 – Jasper to Hinton with hot springs stop

We left the park at 9:45. There was no rush, as we where not traveling very far. We had to be out the park by 11 AM. We went into to town and found a place on the street to park. Jasper is the most friendly RV town that we have been to so far. RV parking is allowed  in the parking lots and on the street, just not in the residential areas.

We walked back, in the rain, to the Visitor Center and used the WiFi. Yesterday when we used the ATM it said we only had $700 left in the checking account. We knew that could not be correct, so we needed to go online to check our bank. Wayne needed to straighten out a credit card, since one of the truck stops had put a $500 hold on his card. Ah, high finance! We both got everything straightened out. We not sure why the ATM receipt was so off, but it was! We have been using credit cards anyway. The check cards go through as credit, so we might as well use credit so we can accumulate points! Both cards have a 1% transaction fee anyway.

We continued north on Hwy. 16, out of town, following a funeral to the cemetery. From there it was clear sailing to the cut off for the Miette Hot Springs.  The only animals we saw were some big horn sheep, and we were almost past them by the time I noticed that they were relaxing on the rocks on up on the mountain.

Mountain goats

Wayne had checked yesterday at the information center to make sure that we could drive the rigs up to the hot springs. We were told it was okay. We turned right and just after we turned we noticed a nice place to park. Of course, we noticed it after we were past it. There was no turning around! This was a narrow, winding, steep, two lane road for 10 miles. We kept going, wishing we had stopped and dropped off the RV’s  at the bottom. It was white knuckle driving, but we made it slowly and safely.

There was plenty of parking. We ate lunch, then went up to the hot springs. They were  swimming pools, two hot and two cold ones. The cost was $6.05 per person. Not expensive! We soaked until we were pruned, then returned to the rigs. Just as we did, the rain started again. Now we had to drive back on wet roads. Bob and Wayne did excellent driving, and it wasn’t actually too bad on the drive back. It always seems shorter on the return trip.

Here is some scenery on the way to Hinton.


Scenery, Jasper to Hinton

We again headed north on Hwy. 16 to Hinton. We arrived at the Walmart at about 3:00 and settled in on the street side of the parking lot, where we spent the night.  It was still raining and very muddy!

We went  shopping in the Walmart, a regular Walmart, not at super center, and bought a few items. This Walmart was in a mall. The mall had good internet, so we went over and used it. We returned to the motor home at about 6:30 and had leftovers for dinner.

At 7:30 we went over to Margie and Wayne’s 5th wheel to plan our next few days. We only put out our bedroom slide, as the main slide is too big to be sticking out into the parking lot. The bedroom slide was over the grass on the edge of the parking lot. Their passenger side slide is their dining room table, so we had more room this way.  They fed us a nice dessert of strawberry shortcake!

We returned to the motor home and watched two episodes of Downton Abby. We are really hooked on this show! I have been downloading it on Amazon View and we watch it on the I-pad. I need another good internet WiFi for me to be able to download the next two episodes!

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