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Thursday June 6, 2013- Jasper Alberta

It was 36 degrees this morning when we woke up! Wayne had put on shorts and sandals, walked out the door of his 5th wheel and did not make it down the steps, before he turned and went back for jeans, boots and sweatshirt!  We knew it was cold since our propane heat had been running. It only runs when it is less than 40 degrees. At least it was sunny most of the day. In the late afternoon the clouds started to roll in.

We have deer and elk in the campground. We have been warned that the Elk  are calfing, and are very aggressive during this time. She didn’t look to crazy to us, laying there chewing away on the grass!

Elk in campground

Deer in campground

We left and went to the Fairmont Jasper Lake Lodge. This lodge was different. It was built in 1962 and has a smaller main building. There are a lot of cabins on the property.


Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

View from Fairmont from the baack of lodge

Clock in lobby

This interesting clock was over the Concierge desk.

Here is Margie in front of the bear in the piano bar.

Marige in lobby of Fairmont

We continued northwest to Maligne Lake. On the way we stopped when we saw this Caribou.

Caribou in the trees

Caribou in the trees

He was just munching away on the side of the road.

Maligne Lake

The lake was beautiful! The picture does not convey the colors of the water and the mountains in the background. They run a nice boat tour on the lake, but we were too late to take the tour.

Maligne Lake

The chalet has been there for years. There is a horse trail that goes around the lake and mountains, returning to the Fairmont Jasper Lodge.

On the way back, we stopped to look at Medicine Lake.

Medicine Lake

This lake had a lot less water. The lake is different, as it has no visible exit. The water leaves the lake by underground caves, passing into the Maligne river.

On the way back, we saw these Mule Deer.

Mule deer

Mule deer

We returned to the motor home for lunch. Bob walked the dogs, then we went to town. We went to the CBC bank and withdrew some Canadian money, then wandered in the shops. I only bought two pins.  Here is the information center, which is a beautiful stone building.

Jasper information center

We drove up to Patricia Lake and Pyramid Lake. Not sure why Patricia Lake has that name, but Pyramid Lake is named for the Pyramid Mountain behind the lake. The colors of the two lakes were different, and they were less than a mile apart. We also saw some mule deer on the ride to the lake. Neither of the lake pictures came out well.


We stopped at the grocery store for some bread, then returned to the motor home. We rode our bikes all around the park, but did not see any animals. When Margie and Wayne returned from town, we sat around talking with our glasses of wine. We ate dinner and watched a DVD. IT was still light when we went to bed at 10:30.

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