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Friday, September 5, 2013- Thompson River to Kamloops BC

We woke up to pouring rain and temp of 60 degrees. We took our time getting ready to leave, and left the campground at about 9:30. We drove south on Hwy. 5 to Kamloops. As we were driving, the weather improved.


We drove around a bend, and the sun was shining on the other side. Once in Kamloops, we turned east on Hwy. 1/97 and drove 10 miles to the Kamloops RV Park, a Good Sam park, $36/night with the discount., FHU/50 amp, free wireless and cable TV. We are staying two nights.

We set up camp, ate lunch, then drove back to Kamloops. We stopped on the way at the Flying J to check on how to get in and out. We went to the Visitor Center and picked up a map of town. Then we proceeded to Home Depot to pick up a double ended hook to use with towing the car. The one we have is deteriorating, so it needed to be replaced.

Then we went to the Chinese cemetery. This was more interesting than you would think. They had a display on Chinese funerals and their customs. One day each year the Chinese in town descend on the cemetery to perform their yearly ritual. The ritual includes mowing, and putting flowers on the graves.  They provide food and wine for the deceased. Then they party. The displays also showed funerals and their rituals.

Chinese cemetery, Kamloops

We left there, stopped at a carwash, as the CRV becomes very dirty when following behind the motor home in the rain. We went downtown to the Noble Pig Brewery/Pub. Bob had the Flight of 4, the Wheat, A Pale Ale, The Brown and The Mocha Porter. He liked all the beers! We had a pretzel with beer mustard with the beer. It was very good!

We returned to the motor home. Bob walked the dogs and I took 9 books and 3 DVD’s to the book and DVD exchange, bringing home 7 books and 2 DVD’s. I am trying to get rid of more than I take back!

At 5:30, we went back downtown for dinner. Since about 3 out of 5 people we have seen are of oriental decent, we decided this must be a good place to have Chinese food. So we went downtown to The Oriental Garden restaurant. Bob had found it on Yelp and it had very good reviews.

We had the Won Ton soup, which was excellent. Then things went downhill. Bob had ordered the Tempura Shrimp and I ordered the Almond Chicken. Neither were what we expected. Both were entrees. Bob rec’d 12 large Tempura Shrimp, with nothing else. The sauce was beef broth. My Almond Chicken was friend chicken strips, placed across some cabbage. Other people had what looked like regular, USA, Chinese food. Ours didn’t. They were both pretty blah! Oh well, can’t win them all!

We left and returned home to happy dogs who were waiting to be fed.

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