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Wednesday June 5 2013- Lake Louise to Jasper

We pulled out of our site at 8:20. Margie and Wayne wanted to dump, so we waited for them at the entrance to the park. We turned north on Hwy. 93 and followed the road north, stopping at some of the pull-outs.

Our first stop was at Crowfoot Glacier. It was just starting to rain!.

Crowfoot Glacier

We drove past a lot of lakes, Herbert, Hector, Helen, Katherine, and Bow. We also passed Bow Glacier. It was foggy and raining, but the helicopter tour was running! We passed it by….

We stopped at Peyto Lake. There was a 10 minute boardwalk walk that we wanted to do, but it seems that the Province has stopped supporting this stop. It was not plowed and one of the bridges was out and was not going to be replaced. Where there was no snow or ice, there was mud. So we left this area.

Peyto Lake parking area.

We continued north. So far the roads were good and the drive was easy. The sun even peaked in and out. That is Wayne and Margie ahead of us.



As soon as we passed the exit for Hwy 11, the road deteriorated and became bumpy. Shake, rattle and roll! Here is what we traveled.

The road we traveled!

From the same look-out, we could see Bridal Veil Falls. There is one of those everywhere!

Bridavail Falls

We continued on to the Icefield Centre., the beginning of the Ice Fields Parkway.


Where we saw the three glaciers. One is to the west, there is one in the middle, then one to the right. In the 1800’s, the glaciers met in the middle, right over the parking lot.  By the time we left, this parking for the RV’s was crowded!

Parking lot

Kitchener Glacier

The middle of the three glaciers

They have a Glacier Explorer, which you pay $52.50 to ride, and it takes you up on the glacier. We passed on doing this, as we have been on a glacier before.  But Bob was able to get a nice picture of the bus up on the glacier.

Glacier Explorer

We wandered around the gift shop, were I bought a pin.


We returned to the RV’s for lunch. We left the parking lot at about 12:15, driving north. We did not travel far when we stopped to take pictures of these big horn sheep.




This gal even looked both ways before crossing. Either that or she was trying to figure out what the motor home was….


This big guy was too busy eating to pay any attention to us!

We continued north about 1-2 miles, where we reached Tangle Falls. In the book it told us to watch here for the sheep!

Tangle Falls

It is hard to see, but there were people climbing up the rocks.  This falls was right on the road, and the water crossed under the road and continued onward, and so did we!

Next we pulled over to take a picture of Stutfield Glacier from a distance.

Stutfield Glacier

We were greeted by these, as I called them, Harley Davidson Totem Poles at the turn off to go to Sunwapta Falls.  No offense intended.

Turn at Sunwatpa Falls

There was a very small parking lot and I was driving. I ended up going around twice to get a place that was big enough for the motor home and the car. We walked out to the upper falls, then continued on to the lower falls. We took the dogs with us and they really enjoyed the outing.

Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta Falls

Bob took the wheel back,and we continued north. Even with the rain, the view was breathtaking!


Our next stop was Athabasca Falls, the largest of the falls we saw today. Here is the river, above the falls. The Athabasca river flows north to the artic ocean!

Above the falls.

Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls

Wayne and Margie Holmes

Here are Wayne and Margie in front of the falls. Bob and the dogs had walked ahead of us. The dogs really enjoyed their outing.

Athabasca Falls

We walked back to the RV’s. We had parked next to each other. Fortunately, the RV on our right had left. We had to maneuver both RV’s to be able to leave the parking lot without hitting each other. Motor homes and 5th wheels have a big swing in the back when we turn, so we had to be very careful.

As soon as we were back out on the highway, it started to rain, pretty hard. That continued all the way to the campground. We are staying in Whistler Camp Ground. $45 per night, FHU/30 amp. Plus of course the $20 per day to be in the park!

We pulled into sites next to each other, again. Once the guys finished hooking up everything, the rain stopped and the sun came out, of course!

We ate dinner and currently Bob and I are at the Jasper Library using the internet. Jasper is a very cute little town with café’s, restaurants, shops and pretty houses.

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