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Mon. 6/3/13- Calgary Telus Spark

Monday-  We left at 9:30 to go to the Telus Spark. This is Margie as we were leaving.


Telus Spark reinvents the paradigm with hands-on, interactive emersion in the fun and beauty of the scientific world. More than 120 new exhibits in the state-of-the-art facility’s five galleries. Visitors can paint with light, compose a symphony with color and discover how the human body reacts to falling in love. From their write up.

The museum was interesting, as it was all hands on. Basically, meant for kids, it was a lot of fun. Margie and I played the light music as a duet, Bob and I hugged to raise our hormones, we made a  how we met love story on video, watched mazes and other items. It was a lot of fun! Not something we would do again, but fun anyway.

Bob doing one of the interative weather exhibits

Margie and Wayne putting birds on telephone wires

Margie watching a water movie exhibit

Bike exhibit

From there we went south to Cora Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant. We had a great meal. Our waitress was a hoot!  Bob had a ham and cheese crepe. I had a ham and egg Panini crepe, with a lot of fruit.. Margie had the quiche and Wayne had pulled pork sandwich.

Our next stop was at Longheed House, a National Historic Site, built by one of Alberta’s founding families. It is a high Victorian Manor. Unfortunately, all the tourist info stated check the website. Since we do not have internet access, we did not know that they are not open on Monday’s. So we walked around the house and into the garden. It was a little early for the garden, but these Iris were blooming.

Garden at Lougheed House 

We will have to visit when we return in a couple of years for the Calgary Stampede.

Lougheed Home  Lougheed House

We returned to the RV’s and walked the dogs. Then Bob, Margie and I went to the local Safeway, which had a Starbucks, to use the free WiFi. We spent about an hour there, returned home, ate dinner, then went over to the Homan’s to plan the next few days.

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