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Sat. March 23 to Fri. March 29- Van Nuys to Fontana CA

Saturday-  We went grocery shopping, stopped back at the motor home to drop off the groceries, then drove to Monticello CA, south of the City of LA, to the closest Polly’s Pies for another tuna fish salad sandwich. They are the best! We both had one!

Tunafish salad sandwiches at Polly's Pies

As we were leaving they put out samples of their chocolate chip cookies. We each took a sample and ran, before we bought any! They were awesome!

We headed back north, stopping in Beverly Hills.  We hunted around to find someone selling maps of the movie stars home. We did not want to pay the cost of another tour, plus we only wanted to spend a couple of hours. The map has over 580 homes listed, in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades and Malibu. It was easiest to just pick a street and look to see who lived on it. Most of them had passed on, but it was still interesting.

Jack Benny's house

Jack Benny

Next door, on the corner, is Lucy.

Next door, Lucy's house

Rex Harrison's house

Rex Harrison

Below is a funny statue just out in front of a house. A woman in a bathrobe and curlers getting her newspaper!

A funny statue in Beverly Hills.

Jackie Coopers house

Above is Jackie Cooper

Below is Gene Kelly.

Gene Kelly's house

Carl Reiner's house

Above is Carl Reiner

Below is  Jimmy Durante Jimmy Durante' house

Wayne Rogers house

Above is Wayne Rogers.

Below is Betty Grable.

Betty Grable's house

Phil Silver's house

Above is Phil Silvers

Below is Dick Powell.

Dick Powel's house

Walter Mathau's house

Above is Walter Mathau’s.

We went past a lot more, but there were hedges or fences blocking the views. We sort of saw Kirk Douglas, Wallace Berry, Donna Reed, Ray Bolger, Van Johnson, Pat Boone, Roseland Russell, Raymond Massey, Jack Haley, Peggy Lee, Patti Page, Robert Wagner, Edgar Bergan, Darren McGavin, Sonny and Cher, Tony Curtis, Burt Reynolds, Barbara Streisand, and Walt Disney. 

We had to stop for gas, We bought two gallons as the gas in BH cost $4.76 per gallon. We returned to Lake Balboa and paid $ 3.98 to fill up the rest of the tank.

We returned home and then went out to dinner at Black Angus. They were having a special. a three course meal for 2 for $39.99. We spit a shrimp cocktail and a chocolate cake with ice cream and hot fudge. I had the prime rib with baked potato and green beans, Bob had the New York strip with garlic mash potatoes and salad. We also split the delicious molasses bread. Yum! Lots of leftovers.

Sunday- By 9AM we were parking at a meter in Santa Monica, just down the street from the Farmers Market. We unloaded the bikes and started to ride on the beach trail. We went about a mile when Bob asked to stop. He was having a problem getting the bike to move. He checked, and he was not having the A-fib. He checked the front wheel on my bike, and it spun around. He checked his, and it barely moved when he tried to spin it. We stopped at a bike rental place to see if they could fix whatever was wrong, but they do not do bike repairs on the weekend, only during the week. So we returned to the car, put the bikes on the rack, and went to the Farmers Market. They had some great looking strawberries for $13-$17 for a three pack. Hopefully we can get some next week. We did not need any today.

We drove back north on the 405 and took the 101 north to Reseda Blvd. We stopped at the Reseda Bike shop, again, but they were not yet open. We had been there last Sunday because I had another flat tire. That time it was a thorn. so Bob will take the bike back tomorrow.

We returned to the motor home, ate lunch and took a nap. When we woke up. Bob was having the A-fib again!  So the rest of the day we took it easy.

Monday- It was a terrible day at work. Very busy! I had Jessica’s assignment. Med-surg/chemo. I had 10 discharges and not much had been done to get them ready, as the Doc’s had not indicated that the patients were going home on Monday.

In the evening we watched the final episode of Big Love. Bob had the A-fib most of the day, so he did not get a lot done. The A-fib lasted about 21 hours.

Tuesday- Another busy day. I only had 4 discharges, but they were complex people. two of which should have been discharged on Monday, but I just could not get them done. I still had Jessica’s assignment.

Bob had taken his bike in for the repair. It was the front brakes not in alignment . so hopefully his bike is now fixed.  We watched the movie Hitchcock in the evening. We really enjoyed it. I did not realize that Anthony Hopkins played Hitch, until the credits at the end, he did such a great job! 

Wednesday- Today I had Mary’s assignment, the DOU. It was a very nice day. Just busy enough! Bob worked on getting the motor home ready to leave.

When he picked me up, he asked what was going on at the hospital. When I walked out the front door, I noticed a security guard sitting on a bench by the door. I did not think anything about it. When we turned out of the parking lot, all of the satellite trucks for the local ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox were sitting there. Plus there was a helicopter flying overhead. We turned on the news when we arrived back at the motor home. There had been an amber alert in the morning. A little girl was kidnapped out of her bed at around 3 AM, in Northridge, just north of Lake Balboa. She had been dropped off at a Starbucks, near West Hills Hospital, so she was in our ER. So that was a topic on the news for the next few days. We watched The Sessions, with Helen Hunt, this evening. Another very good movie.

Thursday- I had Mary’s assignment again. They had a party for Social Worker’s month and a good bye for me. It was so nice. We were supposed to go out last Friday evening after work, but since Valerie became sick last week, they changed the good-bye party to a lunch today. I got a few pictures, as the window was behind a lot of the gals. Even Tony, the CFO, came for the party. It was so nice! Everyone had written a nice note in a card that they gave me. It is very unusual for a place to have a party for a temp, so I did feel very special.

This is Valerie Conway



From left to right, Tony, the CFO, Kim ER CAM, Jessica, Laura and Lisa ( SW).


This is Jackie, CM for the COU.


Left is Jill, SW and right is Denny ( the other Denise), she is Laura’s assistant.


Laura the acting Director of CM. I missed pictures of everyone else.

No movie this evening. We spent the time getting the motor home ready to leave in the morning.

Friday- My last day of work on this assignment! We were up early and in the shower by 6 AM. We did the last minute travel preparations, and I helped Bob get the motor home out of our site. Bob then drove to Rancho Cucamonga to have the ‘bra’ placed on the motor home.

The company who was making the bra, wanted the motor home there. Evidently, each motor home is just a little bit different. So to make sure that the bra fit correctly, and it is custom made, we needed to get the motor home there. It did not make sense to us to have to break camp, have Bob drive all the way there, then return and set up camp again, when we were heading that direction when leaving Balboa RV Park.

So Bob left Balboa at 7:30, and arrived there at 8:45, taking the 405 north to the 118, then the 210. He then had to drive surface roads to the south, to get to their facility. The people who do the sewing of the bra, leave at 2 PM on Fridays, so Bob had to be there early.

I had Valerie’s assignment today. Do you see a pattern? Since this was my last week, most of the CM’s asked for days off this week while there was still coverage for their assignments.

I had two of the catastrophic CM’s visit today. One I had not met before. The other, I had met last week. Kelly was fascinated with our lifestyle. She did not realize that there were travel nurse agencies, who hired CM’s. So she pumped me for info on how I was doing this. She is going to talk to her husband about doing the travel CM!

Since I arrived early, after helping Bob out this morning, I was able to leave at 4:30. So after a round of hugs from everyone, I walked out to the car and turned on the GPS. Bob had it set for me to where I was headed. The GPS wanted to know if I wanted to take the carpool lanes. Since Bob was not with me I could not use them, so I clicked no. That confused the GPS which then decided that there was no way to get there. After a moment of panic, it re-set itself. It said I should arrive at 6:02.

So I headed north to the 118, east onto the 210 to Pasadena. In Pasadena, there was a traffic situation, so it asked me if I wanted to re-route. At this point, the GPS estimated that I would arrive at 7:26. Sure, re-route. So it took me onto surface roads, through a seedy part of Pasadena, into a beautiful part, onto Colorado Blvd, past two sides of the Santa Anita raceway ( which has a beautiful entrance with a high stone archway surrounded by grass and flowers), past the LA raceway, which was seedy, along more surface roads, through towns I had never heard of,  until I turned onto I-10.  The GPS asked several times to re-route and each time I agreed, since I had no clue where I was! 

Once on I-10, I was able to get up to 65-70 mph and cruise through West Corvina, Corvina, and Ontario ( where the motor home was manufactured) to Rancho Cucamonga. I exited, drove about a mile north, made a right turn on a road through the industrial park, and found the motor home at 6:50 PM. I raced into the motor home to the bathroom. while Bob unloaded my stuff.

Here is the bra:


We had pre-planned this, as we were spending the night in the industrial park. So all Bob had to do for dinner, was turn on the generator and fire up the microwave, to re-heat left overs. After dinner I promptly fell asleep in the recliner with two dogs on my lap! They were glad to see me, since the motor home had moved and I was not with them!

When Bob had arrived, they showed him to a nice flat spot and told him to make himself comfortable.  They took the measurements and started constructing the bra. They had a basic pattern but had to cut out the holes for the lights which are then covered with clear plastic. Here is what it looks like installed!

We were spending the night in the “Inland Empire”. We kept hearing this term on the weather reports, but did not know where it was. LA is so large, that when the TV stations did a weather report, they do reports by areas. They start at the ocean, note the Valley’s  ( where we were), the mountains, low desert, high desert and the Inland Empire. Now we know where it is! Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, San Bernardino.

There are some things we are going to miss about Southern California. I am going to miss my new friends. We had just gotten to the point that we were making friends. Bob did not like Balboa RV Park, because there was nothing going on there. The dogs loved Susan, the manager, as they had her wrapped around their little paws. Every day she would give them treats on their walk., when Bob would stop in to check for the mail.

We are going to miss the ‘doughnut’ game. There is a doughnut shop, if not two, at every intersection, where there are businesses. So while driving, we would play a game, who could spot the doughnut shop first. No, we did not stop at them. Not sure how they all stay in business. There are no national chains, like Dunkin Doughnuts or Krispy Cream, these are all small businesses. There were some companies that had two or three shops, but most were just small local businesses with one location.

We are going to miss the LA drivers. Sounds crazy, but the LA drivers are very polite, not like east coast drivers. When you go to merge, people actually let you merge. LA drivers actually know how to drive. They stay in their own lanes, use turn signals, the traffic moves. Even though there is a lot of traffic, it moves. They even have their 2 car left turn on red, which everyone knows, so everyone does it. Crazy,, huh! We will even miss the freeways! The driving here was so much better than in College Park, where they have an ‘I have the right of way because I am better than you’ attitude, and the drivers do not know how to drive.

We are going to miss the weather. During the days it was bright blue skies, many days with light winds. It was usually pleasant. We even came to like the Santa Anna winds, as they cleared out the air. It did not last long, but when it did, the area was beautiful and you could actually see the mountains!

We are going to miss the area, where there was so much to see and do. We loved all the bike trails, shopping and restaurants, all close by.

I am going to miss West Hills Hospital. This has been a terrific assignment. I liked the people I was working with, a lot! I fit right in and they made me feel so welcome. I will most probably not go back, as Bob does not want to return to the area. I will not miss the work, just the terrific people.

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  1. But you said you are going to miss so much. Why nilot return.

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