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Sat. March 9 to Fri. March 15- Van Nuys CA

Saturday- I worked today. It was a fairly quiet day until 4:30 when I had to initiate a transfer to UCLA. I was still able to leave at 5 PM.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping and did our usual budget items.  We decided to walk the dogs at Reseda Park today. This is a much smaller park, and the walk around the lake was only about 3/4  of a mile.

Lake Resida

Lake Reseda

It was a lot less crowded than Lake Balboa.

Monday- Back to work. I was still covering for Mary, so it continued to be a busy day. Bob spent some time on the phone trying to fix our satellite receiver, as we were having problems with using the DVR. That took most of the morning. He ended up downloading a software update and we think that might have fixed the problem.

On the way to work we had talked about the fact that we had not had an earthquake while we were here. Of course, that meant that we had one! It occurred in the morning. I never felt it! When I arrived back in the office, Valerie and Rosa were worried that I might have freaked out, since this was the first one since we had been there. Up in the CM office, on the 6th floor, evidently you could really feel the building sway. I was either on the 3rd floor or the 5th floor and never felt anything. The hospital was built in 1968. It is built on rollers/wheels, so that when an earthquake occurs, the building moves with the quake. Bob never felt it either, although on TV they talked about it being the biggest one they have had in several years in the San Fernando Valley.

Tuesday- I was back doing first reviews for all the commercial patients admitted to the hospital. and retro reviews. Bob cleaned the inside of the motor home, vacuuming and dusting.

Wednesday- Jessica called in sick, so I covered her floor. This is a med/surg-chemo floor. It was not too bad a day, except for one patient. So most of the day was okay. Bob cooked dog food and made dinner in advance, so we could reheat the meal.

Thursday- Back doing commercial reviews. I had lunch with Georgia, who runs one of the Home Health agencies. We had met working on a difficult patient and we connected. She wanted to get together for lunch, so she met me at the hospital cafeteria.

Friday– Commercial reviews again. Bob discovered that my bike tire was flat, again. He pumped it back up, as we plan to bike ride this weekend. He also shined one of the tires. Bob picked me up at 5:00 and we went to dinner again with Valerie and Jim. This time at Flemings. Flemings is an upscale restaurant and we had a gift certificate. Good thing! It was extremely expensive. Our check totaled $261 dollars and we only had appetizers/small plates and split dessert! That did not count the tip! Good food and great company!

All week the temperatures during the day were in the high 80’s and low 90’s, with relatively low humidity. The motor home is facing west, so we get a lot of afternoon sun. The motor home becomes very hot in the late afternoon, but cools off quickly when the sun sets. We have slept with the windows open and the fans going. During the night it drops to the 50’s.

Movies we watched this week: Skyfall, Looper, Argo, and . Looper was awful; very hard to keep track of what was going on… Argo was excellent and Skyfall was pretty good!

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  1. Even with the gift certificate the meal was outragous.

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