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Sat. Feb 23- Mar. 1, 2013- Van Nuys CA

Saturday- Both dogs are back to normal! They must have had a canine virus of some sort.  The problem is finding out where they contracted it!

Bob dropped me off at work and returned home to work on the DVR /Satellite. We could not get satellite in the bedroom for some reason. So he spent two hours fixing that. He also went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a new mattress cover, using my 20% off coupon.

I worked. It was very different today. Markita and I were the only CM’s so we split up the discharges and worked on them all day. That kept us really busy for the entire day.

Bob picked me up at 5 and we ate dinner and watched the last Dexter DVD in season 6. Can’t wait for the next season to come out on DVD. We had Santa Anna winds all day today.

Sunday-  The Santa Anna winds continued blowing, so we stayed inside. We did our usual bill paying and updating the budget. Next we started on the taxes. We are not happy! We are ending up paying the IRS and the state of California, even though we are having a refund from Maryland. Plus the ADT program that the agency uses will not let me change my W-4. So I have to work on that. Turbo Tax did not seem as easy this year for some reason.

The winds were supposed to drop off in the late morning/early afternoon, but the weather folks had that wrong. They continued all afternoon. The temperature was nice, in the high 60’s, without a cloud in the sky, but the winds were up to 60 mph, so we could not go bike riding or a long walk around the lake with the dogs.  We ran over to Blockbuster and returned the DVD, and picked up the 4th Boardwalk Empire DVD, season 1. Then we stopped a Target for a few little items.

Back at the motor home I read my book while Bob took a nap. Pretty soon I joined him for a short nap.

We cooked dinner and watched the DVD.

Monday- Back to work today for me. Bob is continuing to work on stuff around the motor home. We have a lot of little items. For instance, we have a switch for the back awning that never worked. We ended up, before we started traveling, replacing the awning. So I had asked him to remove the switch and put a flat cover on the area. Another item was one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen. We are not sure when they built the motor home, why they put a lock on the front ,outside, of the drawer. The drawer above has the lock inside the drawer. Every time we used that bottom drawer, we had to lock it so that we could close the cabinet door. I asked Bob to move the lock from the outside front to inside the drawer. What a difference it makes. We can’t believe that it took so long to think about doing this!  Anyway, he is working on little items like that.  He also took my bike in for repair. The tire was completely flat. We found a note about the Sepulveda Dam bike trail saying that there are a lot of flat tires on this trail. Guess I had one of them!

The dinette store called Bob. Our chairs would not be arriving. Would we like a refund? Huh? Okay so we took a refund. We watched the DVD Homeland, 1st CD of 1st season.

Tuesday—Wednesday – typical days at work. This week they have me doing first reviews on every commercial admission. I am in the old directors office and it is pretty boring. Plus cold! For some reason this office is very cold. This is week four so I have four more weeks to go. The weather has warmed up, with days in the 80’s and evenings/nights in the 50’s.

Thursday- Bob had set up the coffee pot Wed. evening and forgot to close the door on the coffee pot. When the pot turned itself on, the water had nowhere to go.  We did not notice it until I went to pour my coffee into the travel mug for work. We had a flood! The new coffee pot is sitting on the buffet/desk, on top of the new glass. The glass broke from the heat and the coffee had gone all the way across the top of the buffet/desk. So we pitched the glass and cleaned up the mess. We left everything off the top of the buffet/desk and let it dry really well, then Bob coated it with Guardsman. We decided two broken pieces of glass in two months was more than enough, therefore we decided not to buy another piece of glass. When taking the tours of other motor homes, they had put the Corian on the top of these buffets. We think we might do that some time in the future.

Friday- a typical day at work. We watched Boardwalk Empire, disc 1 of season 2.

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