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Sat. Feb 9 to Fri. Feb. 25 Van Nuys CA

Saturday– We headed out grocery shopping. We returned home and ate lunch. After lunch we took a short nap then went in search of new chairs. We are looking for two wooden folding chairs. We found what we were looking for at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they were used. VERY used, so we passed and went to another BBB. They did not have them at all, so we Google’d a dinette store. We went there and bought two new dining room chairs, but they did not have the folding chairs either. We will have to keep looking. The folding charis will store under the couch, which means we only have 5” of clearance, so we have to be very picky. The new dining room chairs will arrive in about two weeks.

We returned home, picked up the dogs and went to Balboa Lake Park. There is a 1.3 mile trail around the lake, so we got in our exercise for the day. 2013-02-16_16-08-006

We returned home and put a pork roast in the Breville. It came out nicely cooked!

Sunday- We went for a bike ride around Balboa Lake Park. The total length of the bike trail is 9.1 miles. We think we did about 5-6 miles. Today and yesterday the park was very busy, even though the weather was in the high 50”s.

We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- We were supposed to move again today. Bob returned home after dropping me off. The guy was in his motor home, but Steve did not arrive until after twelve, and by that time the guy had left! it was a pretty routine day at work. They have hired back a Case Manager who used to work for them but had moved out of the area. She started today. They are keeping me for the length of my contract. She will be on orientation until next week.

Tuesday– A very busy day. I did not leave work until 5:30. We still did not move. this is getting pretty upsetting when we get up and get the motor home ready to move, then have to undo everything so that we can live in it!

Wednesday- I was supposed to take the Interqual class today. I had registered last week, but when I went into the computer, they did not have my registered. Richy, who is the new case manager, had the same problem yesterday, and she ended up calling them and getting in the class. I was too busy to look yesterday, so I missed out. I will have to do it next week.

It was a pretty busy day for me. but I got out on time. Bob spent the day moving the motor home. FINALLY! ewe are back in site 169, a 50 amp site!

Thursday and Friday- Busy days at work. Bob has been working on items around the motor home.

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