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Sat. Dec 22 to Fri. Dec. 28- Van Nuys CA

Saturday- I had an eye appointment at the optometrist office. I knew I have had some slight changes to my prescription. So we took my old frames and they are having new lenses made. We grocery shopped and tried to pick up sandwiches at Honey Baked Ham. They are only doing trays until after January 1. So we ended up going to lunch at Weilers café. This is a small café on Balboa Blvd. Susan at the park had recommended it and the food was excellent. The restaurant was very crowded, always a good sign!

We returned home and took a nap. We had leftovers for dinner and watched the movie Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was good, but I imagine the book is better. We have not read it yet.

Sunday- We did our usual budget and paying bills. At 11:30 we left for the Yard House to have lunch and watch the Redskin game. We thought it might be less expensive to buy the football package on Direct TV for the last two games. It would have been $99, so we said forget that!  Especially since next weeks game is on NBC. I ordered the nacho’s and Bob ordered a pastrami sandwich. Well, my chicken nachos were so large, we took Bob’s sandwich home!

The game was great. A real nail bitter at the end!

From there we went to Barnes and Noble since I had a 25% off one book coupon and wanted to treat myself to a book. It started to rain again!

We returned home, after stopping at Blockbuster. We picked up the movie Killers. It is a comedy starring Katherine Heigl  and Ashton Kutcher with Tom Selleck. It was a good movie! We also picked up the first DVD of the first season of Mad Men, but we were not impressed, so we will not continue the series.

Monday- Back to work again. Bob is feeling pretty lousy, might be bronchitis! I thought it was going to be pretty busy. I had my floor and the ICU, but it was not bad. There was no traffic heading to the hospital, so I arrived at 8:15. I punched in and left at 4:45. Bob was so pale when he picked me up I asked if he wanted me to drive. He did not think so, but then he stopped for a green light. We decided at that point we should switch drivers! We watched the movie MB3.

Tuesday- Merry Christmas. We slept in, had a nice breakfast and went back to bed to have a nap! Bob is feeling a lot worse, but he still wanted to go to dinner. One of the few places open was Marie Calendars, so we went there for dinner. We each had the turkey dinner with mash potatoes, green beans, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. There was a salad and apple pie for dessert. We watched the Sons of Anarchy, season one. Again, we were not impressed and are not going to continue the series. .

Wednesday- Busy at work. Bob keeps getting sicker and sicker. He was up hacking most of the night. He slept in the living room, but he was coughing so hard he was rocking the motor home. At around 3, I got up and asked him if he wanted to go to the ER, but he said no. Neither of us slept much.

Thursday- I drove myself to work, since I thought that I might come home early. It was a good thing Bob did not want to go to the ER, as they had 17 people waiting in the hallways for beds. It was an extremely busy day, which kept me awake. Bob walked the dogs over to the local groomers for their grooming.

I left at about 5:30, a half hour late, heading back to the motor home. I stopped at  Walgreens and picked up some OTC meds for Bob. Then at Panda Express for some take out. I really did not feel up to cooking dinner!

Friday- Bob drove me to work. He had a doctor’s appointment at 2PM. He picked me up at 5. He had dropped off his prescriptions at Walmart, and since they were so busy he told them he would pick them up tomorrow. Not a good thing! Since he has been sleeping in the living room, to try to let me sleep, the dogs are freaked out. This evening Roxie went between the bedroom and the living room crying, like she was in pain. It took both of us to get her to calm down. Finally, Karlie slept with me and Roxie slept with Bob. Bob’s blood pressure was very high at the doctor’s office, so I am checking his blood pressure frequently. He is still hacking. The PA agrees that he has bronchitis.

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