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Sat. Dec 1 to Fri. Dec. 7- Van Nuys CA

Saturday-  It is still raining, so this morning we started off going shopping. I have been freezing at work, so I wanted to buy some long sleeve shirts. We went to Kohls and found tops for me. We went to lunch at Panera, which did not go well. They lost our order. The west coast Panera’s give you a number and deliver the food to your table. We waited about 15 minutes then called over one of the employees. She checked on our order and found that it was lost, so Bob gave her our receipt and they made the order. I had ordered the turkey and cranberry Panini, which had hardly any turkey on it. Just one very slim slice. It took 25 minutes for us to finally be served and the manager never even came over to apologize. We were not happy!

We returned home, walked the dogs, then went to the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. ( $23 ea.). Henry Edwards Huntington was born in 1850 in Oneonta NY. In 1872 he went to work for his uncle, Collis P. Huntington, one of the owners of the Central Pacific Railroad. This work led him west to San Francisco. In 1902 he moved to LA and bought what was then known as the San Marino Ranch. He began transforming it into what is now known as The Huntington.  The Huntington was founded in 1919. Before his death in 1927, he and his wife, Arabella collected items, which are some of the items which are on display. Due to the weather, we did not visit the gardens, but we were able to see everything that we wanted to see….. 

Huntington Library and Museum Entrance

We were able to view the following:

Medieval Manuscripts 

The manuscripts are from the 1400’s and 1500’s. They are hand written by Monks. They look like they were printed, with the letters identical and perfectly lined. Absolutely incredible!  This is an early bible.

Early Middle Ages hand written book 1400's

Original Canterberry Tales

Above is Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  Again, handwritten, perfectly aligned, and the letters matching identically. Note the graphics, which were completed in the 1400’s.

Next, was one of the reasons we came to the museum, a copy of a Gutenberg Bible.

One of the 12 Gutenberg Bibles

It was magnificent. I was so glad that they allowed pictures, as long as you do not use a flash. Mr. Huntington bought it in 1909 for 50K, the most expensive purchase in that era.

Original Shakespeare Plays, hand written by William himself! 

I guess if you have enough money you can buy anything! There were  two of Shakespeare’s manuscripts. Here is  King Lear…

An original Shakespear King Lear

We moved into the American room where we found a survey done by George Washington, at age 17, in his own hand.

Original survey done by George Washington

George Washington's brigades in his handwriting

This is George Washington’s Brigades, in his own handwriting, from the Revolutionary War.

On the other side of the room was a copy of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, abolishing slavery.

A copy of the original 13th Ammendment to the Consitiution

Here is a photo of Abe Lincoln from 1865.

An original picture, 1865, of Abraham Lincoln

There was more. Next we moved into the modern art gallery. Here is a dining from by Frank Lloyd Wright., which while pretty, did not seem very comfortable.

Frank Lloyd Wright dining room set

We are not art buffs, so I took this picture because I just think it is so stupid!

Andy Warhol sculpture? 1962

This is a 1962 Andy Warhol sculpture and picture. The Brillo boxes are cardboard that he painted. On the opposite wall was a contemporary picture, which took up most of the wall, that looked like black and blue blobs, which were supposed to be clouds. Not our thing….

The Original Remmington Sculpture

This was more what we like… this is the original Remington ‘Bronco Busting’ sculpture.

We left the Modern Art building and  moved to the Art building.  The bibles and other items were in the Modern Art building as they are renovating their building.  Before we left, I did stop to take this picture. This is George Washington, without his wig. It is rare to find paintings of Washington without his wig.

A rare portrait of George Washington without his wig

In the art building we were able to see The Blue Boy by Gainsboro.

Huntington Library Art Museaum

Gainsboro's Blue Boy

There were several other pictures by Gainsboro in the gallery.

Next we moved to the Science building.

Ptoolomy's Earth

This was the Earth, according to Ptolemy, who thought that the universe revolved around the Earth. (Southern France, 1279).

Capernicus Sun

This is the Earth, revolving around the sun, according to Copernicus. The books are the original works of each of these men. 1473-1543.


Works of Galileo. 1654-1642

Newton's work

Works of Isaac Newton.  1642-1727.

Copernicus Work 1549

The works of Nicolas Copernicus ( 1473-1543).

Einstein's work

Albert Einstein 1879-1955.

Pasteur's work

We moved into the medical section.  Here are Louis Pasteur’s notes.

Pregnant woman sculputur 1500's

This is a sculpture from the 1500’s of a pregnant woman.

Manual used by midwifes in the 1500's

This is a book from the 1500’s used by mid-wife’s. 

Next we moved into the section on electricity and light.

Benjamin Franklin's Electricity experiments

The works of Benjamin Franklin and electricity.

Darwin's work

Finally, Darwin’s works on evolution. 

We left the museum and headed back to the RV Park. We stopped and picked up a Redbox DVD, this time it was Expendables 2.

Sunday- We were off to Walmart, arriving at 8:20. We wanted to get in and out before the crowds. The problem with going on a Sunday morning is that they have not completely re-stocked from Saturday. So we ended up at Ralphs to supplement our list. We purchased an LA Times while we were there, and it had a lot of great coupons for next week.

We returned to the motor home, ate lunch, then just did some stuff around the motor home. I caught up on last weeks blog and started on the Christmas cards. One of the coupons I found was for Walgreens pictures, which is why everyone receive a picture with our card this year. Writing our Christmas letter was easy, finding the Christmas cards I thought I had in the motor home was not. How, when you have a limited amount of space, can you lose boxes of Christmas cards? Hmmmm… Anyway, the cards went into the mail!

We baked a chicken, ate a nice dinner and watched TV.

Monday- It is the end of the year,, so everyone is having their elective surgeries. That means that the census is up, so it is really getting busy! I did find out that there had been two travel nurses before me, who only stayed a couple of days, then left. I am not sure why, as West Hills Hospital is a very nice place to work! I like this assignment. The staff have been very nice to me and the work, while busy, is no where near as stressful as the work last summer.

Tuesday-  EEEK, I had a HIPPA violation! That is so not good! What happened is that the family asked for the patient to go to Park West. Okay, Park West was not on my list of Skilled Nursing Facilities, so  last Friday, I went into the computer program and looked it up. I  sent the patient information to Park West Health and Rehab. Today, the son said that the facility had never heard from me and did not have the patient info. So we conference-called with the admission person and discovered that I had sent the info to the wrong facility. It should have gone to The Center at Park West. Fortunately, the patient went to the right facility. Of course, I had no way of knowing that this was the wrong facility!

California is very strict on HIPPA, and I had been told to report any violations. So I immediately reported it to my supervisor. Since the info went through a secure system and to a health facility, we were not sure that it was an actual violation. The HIPPA compliance officer, Gail, said it was, so it had to be reported. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out, and I have now been reported to the State of California. I am not in trouble, as it was clear to everyone that it was an error, not a purposeful violation. like looking at a movie star’s chart, when you have no professional reason to do so…. still it gave me heartburn, although I still slept well. Oh well!!

Meanwhile, since this was the first non-raining day that we have had for awhile, Bob washed the car.

Wednesday- Laura, my supervisor at West Hills, called me to ask me when my contract ends( January 3), if I would return, and if I wanted to take the full-time job that they have available. I said yes to returning, and no to the full-time job. I had already submitted our reservation for the RV park  so that hopefully we will have an RV site starting Feb. 2, through March 30.

My insurance had approved my Physical Therapy, so I had my second visit at 5 PM. The office is just across the street, so I  walked over.

Bob washed the RV roof today, since it was warm and sunny. He has also been taking the dogs for long walks, since the rain had kept them from having their nice long walks.

Thursday- Another busy day at the hospital. I am starting to be teased by the other case managers. These gals are really nice. Susan, one of the ER case managers, called me to say that she was switching one of my problem patients over to ‘observation’. Observation means that you are not really admitted to the hospital. I had the discharge plan in place, so I tried to talk Susan out of it. Jackie, who is on the other side of the wall, called out, ‘Denise, you are becoming one of us, your whining like the rest of us!’ . Everyone cracked up! this is a good thing! Well for me, not the patient. Being on ‘obs’ means that the meds are not paid for. Fortunately, the Skilled Nursing Facility, still took the patient under Long Term Care, so my discharge plan worked!

In the elevator, on the way down, Gail, the HIPPA compliance officer, also was teasing me. Like I said, this is a nice place to work!

I had actually asked Bob to pick me up a little later today, as I wanted to get caught up on my reviews. I managed to do that, so I ended up calling Bob and asking him to pick me up on time, at 5 PM.

Friday- A really busy day.  I started off with 11 assessments ( new patients) and 14 reviews. I had a lot of discharges and discharge planning, so I ended up only getting two reviews done. Oh well, and that was with staying 15 minutes late on a Friday evening! I will have  lot of catching up to do with retro and weekend reviews.

Bob spent a lot of this week trying to get our internet to work. He finally called the Verizon guys, who we bought the phone through, and they moved us to a different free WiFi App. So far, so good! 

One of the coupons that we had from the paper on Sunday was for BJ’s Brewery. So we went there for dinner. Only a 15 minute wait. The coupon  was for a ten slice pizza of our choice( half came home with us), with soup or salad, and a dessert to split. Bob had the clam chowder and I had the chicken noodle. We had a hand tossed pizza, with sausage, pepperoni, and ham. Dessert was a baked chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream ( Ghirardelli, we had our choice of any of them) all for $19.95. Bob had a porter beer, which he liked.  I drove us home…

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